Marie Mai explains why she would never take part in Big

Marie-Mai explains why she would never take part in “Big Brothers Celebrities” – the bag of chips

Singer Marie-Mai was on the set of everyone talks about on Sunday to address her return to singing, but she also returned to her hosting Big brother celebrities (BBC) for a third season.

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Anaïs Favron, who occupied the fool’s chair again on Sunday night, initially confided that she had been invited to join the BBC cast twice but had refused for fear of finding it too difficult to face the other players’ shenanigans and was claustrophobic be.

Marie-Mai, who has directed the BBC Sunday Gala for three years, replied that she would never join the contestants either.

“I would never, ever do that,” she said immediately. “For what ?” then asked Lepage.

“I would be the first outing,” admitted the 38-year-old. “I’d tell myself ‘everyone loves me,’ but everyone would play behind my back. And I would be the first outing,” concluded Marie-Mai.

It has the advantage of being clear.

Outfits that get people talking

Marie-Mai also said she was often surprised by people’s reactions to her “Sunday kits”. “People pay a lot more attention to my kits than I do. My sets are chosen the day before. We make an adjustment and I wonder if I feel it or not and that’s it.

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