Maripily and Nicky Jam39s ex keeps an eye on the

Maripily and Nicky Jam's ex keeps an eye on the men of La Casa de los Famosos

Puerto Rican model and businesswoman María del Pilar Rivera “Maripily” has already cast her eye on the main actors who will accompany her in the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos, a reality show on the US network Telemundo.

The Puerto Rican was filmed analyzing the bodies of the men in the house while they sunbathed in swimsuits in a conversation with fellow model Aleska Génesis, ex-partner of urban star Nicky Jam.

The conversation took place while the Puerto Rican assured that the best decision she made was to end her previous relationship to enter the show single. “It’s not worth looking at all these beautiful men,” Maripily said.

While Aleska Génesis supports her, she ensures that the production of the program has done “a good casting” by bringing together the participants, who are mostly athletes and models whose bodies are well trained.

“Look how beautiful they all look like this, heavy with squares,” Aleska Génesis was heard saying.

Later, they both joke with singer Lupillo Rivera, who is one of the most grown men and doesn't play sports like the other members of the show.

Former Exatlón participant is saved from elimination from La Casa de los Famosos

The night of the rescue on the Telemundo reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” was very emotional after one of the contestants who was most surprised after being nominated was rescued.

This is the former baseball player Carlos Gómez and former Exatlón participant, who was saved by his teammate Guty Carrera, who is the leader of the week in the house where the 23 celebrities live. He couldn't hold back his tears when it was announced he was among the nominees last Thursday, but his concern didn't last many days after his roommate's crime.

Carrera managed to maintain his thrift, a right he earned by being the leader of the House this week. This led, after the program's production, to questioning this determination following a competition against the first finalist of Miss Universe 2015, Ariadna Gutiérrez. She failed to defeat Carrera in a card game and he retained his save power, which he used to save Gómez from elimination.

“In La Casa de los Famosos, strategies are being developed, I like them very much, everyone and many know that we have a friendship outside and in here, they can count on me, but at this moment we have to make a decision based on based on that.” “The first strategy I can use in the house doesn't mean that because he saves one, he doesn't want to save another. If he could, he would save everyone,” Carrea said before his selection.

After this rescue, the following participants still have to fight for their rescue with the public vote: Thalí García, Clovis Nienow, Christian Estrada, Alfredo Adame and Rodrigo Romeh.

Next Sunday it will be announced who will be the first to be eliminated from the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos.

It was last Thursday when the first week nominations took place.

The resident who received the most points was the Mexican and ex-partner of Alicia Machado, Christian Estrada.

He received 13 negative points from his classmates.

While Mexican actress Thalí García receive 9 points, Clovis Nienow scored 7 points And The Venezuelan Carlos Gómez received 6 points.

The Mexicans Alfredo Adame And Rodrigo Romeh They were also nominated after receiving 5 negative points each.

How were the rooms at La Casa de los Famosos?

Water: Aleska Génesis, Fernando Lozada, Guty Carrera, Christian Estrada, Alfredo Adame, José “La Melaza” Reyes And Carlos Gomez

Country: Maripily Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, “La Divaza”, Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Thalí García And Gregorio “El Titi” Pernía

Fire: Robbie Mora, “La Bronca”, “Bebeshita”, Alana Lliteras, Mariana González, Sophie Durand, Leslie Gallardo And Cristina Porta.