Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses David Cameron of 39calling us Hitler39

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses David Cameron of calling Republicans 'Hitler' as she doubles down on argument

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has opened up about her false claim that British Foreign Secretary David Cameron compared Republicans who did not want to support further aid to Ukraine to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“Well, firstly, I couldn’t care less what Lord Cameron has to say. I just don’t care,” she told The Independent on Thursday. “And secondly, he called us Hitler and gave us horrible names and that is extremely rude and he needs to stop making that association.

“He needs to think about what he’s actually saying,” she added. “So I just don’t care. He must really be worried about his country. I think they're having all sorts of problems over there, they're going into a recession. They need to deal with their problems and leave our country alone.”

This comes after the far-right Republican congresswoman said on Wednesday that Lord Cameron “can kiss me” after calling on the US Congress to provide aid to Ukraine and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, most notably led Hitler's appeasement policy – until the Second World War.

The Democratic Senate has already passed a bill providing further aid to Ukraine, but the legislation faces an uphill climb in the House.

In an editorial published in The Hill on Wednesday, Lord Cameron wrote: “As Congress debates and votes on this funding package for Ukraine, I will drop all diplomatic niceties.” I urge Congress to pass it.

“I believe our shared history shows how foolish it is to give in to tyrants in Europe who believe in redrawing borders by force,” he added. “I don’t want us to show the weakness that was shown towards Hitler in the 1930s. He came back to demand more, costing us many more lives to stop his aggression.

“I don't want us to show the weakness that Putin showed in 2008 when he invaded Georgia, or the uncertainty about the response in 2014 when he took Crimea and much of Donbass – before he came back, which is far from clear to us “Aggression in 2022,” argued Lord Cameron, a former British prime minister. “I want us to show the strength that has been shown since 2022, as the West helped Ukrainians liberate half of the territory captured by Putin, all without the loss of NATO soldiers.”

“I don't want to read it, I know the British embassy wanted me to read it – I have far too much else to do other than read his comment,” Ms Greene said on Thursday.

Sky News' James Matthews asked Ms Greene on Wednesday: “David Cameron says Ukraine funding should be voted on. What do you say?”

“I think he also tried to compare us to Hitler,” Ms Greene said, confusing the appeasers whose behavior Lord Cameron cited and the Nazi leader.

Ms Greene has previously been criticized for comparing the use of masks during the pandemic to the Holocaust in comments. She later visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and apologized for the remarks.

Speaking about Lord Cameron on Wednesday, Ms Greene told Sky News: “If he wants to use that kind of language then I really have nothing to say to him.”

“He compared you to an appeaser for Hitler. “Are you an appeaser for Putin if you don’t vote for funding Ukraine?” Matthews asked.

“I think I really don’t care what David Cameron has to say. I think these are rude insults and I don't appreciate this kind of language. And David Cameron has his own country to worry about and frankly he can drive my ass,” she added.

During a visit to Poland on Thursday, the secretary of state said he was not one to “lecture American friends or tell them what to do,” but he added: “We really want Congress to pass this money.” “We will support Ukraine economically and, above all, militarily in the coming months.”

At a press conference, Lord Cameron said: “We must do everything we can to ensure Ukraine can thrive this year and beyond.”

“We cannot allow Putin to think he can wait or hold out any longer, and that is why this vote in Congress is so crucial.”

He added: “And I say that as someone who in no way wants to lecture American friends or tell them what to do.”

“I say it as one who has a deep and abiding love for the United States – its democracy, its belief in freedom – [and] as someone who truly believes in the importance of our alliance.”