Martin Perez Guedes and his strong reaction when comparing the

Martín Pérez Guedes and his strong reaction when comparing the Copa Libertadores to the Sudamericana

Martin Perez Guedes and his strong reaction when comparing the

Since the arrival of George Fossati A University, The Cremes have recovered from a poor start to the season and are now in contention for both Liga 1 and the Copa Sudamericana. At the Peruvian tournament, the merengue team is second and at the international tournament they are the absolute leaders in group G. Ate’s club have gone 13 games without defeat and all of those games have been managed by Fossati. One of the Uruguayan strategist’s undeniable headlines is midfielder Martín Pérez Guedes.

The Argentine, who has played every game this season, was asked about the Copa Libertadores and drew a comparison with the South Americans’ level.

“The Libertadores are generally ranked by those who have done well over the past year. That doesn’t mean they’re having a good time. “The South America tournament is an important tournament, you have to qualify, you have to go out and compete,” he said in an interview for TV Peru.

The 31-year-old also highlighted the work and commitment of the entire team. “This team knows how to stay grounded and work hard because they know nobody’s going to give them anything,” he added.

In addition, the former Melgar and San Martín player spoke about his nationalization and did not rule out the idea, indicating that it could still be implemented in 2023.

“There’s a chance he can do it this year, we’re looking at it, but it’s a possibility we’re working on,” he said. So far, the Argentine midfielder has scored two goals in the Peruvian league

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The next game of the “U” will take place in Sullana against Alianza Atlético. The meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 14th and will take place at 1:00 p.m. (Peruvian time).