Masochistic Zodiac These 4 like to suffer Are you

Masochistic Zodiac | These 4 like to suffer: Are you among them too? | Grant tennis Tuscany Grant tennis Tuscany

Do you know the masochistic horoscope zodiac signs? These 4 really love to suffer. Look who we’re talking about: maybe you could be there too!

It may seem absurd, but some people actually like to suffer. How is it possible? You may be wondering, but that’s exactly how it is!

These zodiac signs like to suffer –

To put it better, there are quite a few Star sign who tend to wallow in their pain without really wanting to do anything about it. In addition, these individuals often and willingly attempt to more or less unconsciously self-sabotage and then end up feeling bad. Well, do you think you also belong to this group? Have a look below and find out What are the 4 signs that love to suffer the most?

A form of masochism More common than you think is the emotional one. A typical attitude of those people who tend to get into wrong relationships in which they only suffer and get into destructive situations. Additionally masochist emotional is almost unable to assert her rights for fear of being abandoned. In general, therefore, we can say that it is an insecure and submissive person who manifests recurring behaviors:

  • is very self-critical;
  • tends to live in the past;
  • look for an excuse to argue for no apparent reason;
  • alienates people who love him;
  • has little trust in others;
  • tends to self-sabotage.

Masochistic Zodiac Signs: These 4 love to suffer

Once you understand what the emotional hallmarks of people are masochists Now let’s go to reveal which ones Star sign You belong. They are 4, in fact, the signs that love to suffer more than anyone else. Do you already know who we’re talking about? Well, in this bizarre ranking, we no doubt find that Cancer.

The sign of Pisces is one of the most masochistic of the horoscope –

Although those born under this sign are sensitive and sweet, they are also difficult to understand because they have dark sides to their character and it is precisely their emotionality that cannot make them break away from toxic relationships. The ProtectOn the other hand, he just can’t take his responsibilities and tends to wallow in sorrow, sadness and disappointment due to his “self-destructive” nature.

Then there is the mark of the gods Fish which certainly tends towards the victim role. He is often insecure and has low self-esteem, consequently he takes problematic and unhealthy paths. In addition, he is easily manipulated by others. Finally among the more masochistic signs we find The Aries. Despite being a fairly strong sign, it often gets into trouble due to its boisterous and impulsive nature. Did you ever say that?