Massimo Giannini the director who fights for freedom and refuses

Massimo Giannini, the director who fights for freedom and refuses to answer Striscia la Notia Striscia la Notia

Massimo Giannini, the director of La Stampa in Turin, is fighting hard for freedom in Iran – with the excellent and very medial campaign to help Fahimeh Karimi – but he is decidedly less diligent when it comes to guaranteeing expression .

La Stampa has not respected our right of reply. We challenged an article published on December 15 last year. Request ignored after more than a month of polite reminders. Director Massimo Giannini didn’t even reply to our emails to explain why he didn’t want to publish the reply. anything. Not even a word.

For the sake of transparency, we reproduce the text of our clarification below.

Dear director,
We are writing to you regarding the article entitled “L’eterno Drive In del Cavaliere” published in La Stampa on December 15, signed by Simonetta Sciandivasci. A soup of words and random dates in which there is much confusion that unduly challenges Antonio Ricci’s transmission. The journalist, whose greatest pop culture reference must be Ambra Angiolini, writes: «It’s 2002, 2011, 1998 again: the years of Drive In, Non è La Rai, Bagaglino, Bullies and Babes, elegant Dinners, Bungabunga, Mubarack’s Grandchildren (sic), dental hygienists, companions, letters, letters, veline, velon, not taken for years, you’re sad, you’re gray, you’re boring, what’s that supposed to be: they unite again in front, and they’re not just them Ghosts of Christmas Past, an Account Opened with Nostalgia and Guilt». Meanwhile, as correctly stated in the caption, which the article’s author probably didn’t read, Drive In aired from 1983 to 1988.

In addition, we emphasize that the Veline di Striscia la Notice has never been involved in any scandal. Therefore, The combination with escort and bungabunga is completely illegitimate and extremely offensive for those who have held and still hold that role. It is just as illegitimate to put Drive In, Non è La Rai, Bagaglino on the same level. We interpret these words as one of the last sketches produced by the so-called mud “machine” as defined by Antonio Ricci and launched by the newspapers of the L’Espresso editorial group more than twenty years after the end of the broadcast would. One of the most emblematic cases that Sciandivasci probably took as a guide was the article signed by Francesco Merlo who invented the equation velina = escort and escort = velina in the “cousin” newspaper Repubblica in 2011. And we are talking about the same newspaper that today, however, is demanding the right of women to exhibit their bodies (see Concita De Gregorio on the recent case of Liliane Murekatete).

The journalist probably confused Drive In with Colpo Grosso. Drive In was an innovative, free and libertarian program where For the first time on a variety show, the chorus girls talked and cracked jokes. Among other things, the Fast Food Girls interpreted texts by ElleKappa. They were not subservient women, they beat those who bothered them and enslaved their male colleagues. Never have there been protests from feminists and never seen such a concentration of female comedians that caught the attention of Maria Novella Oppo, who wrote about it in L’Unità.

Finally, it should be remembered that Drive In was a caricature of the habits of Italians and of the society of the time: a comic and satirical show that mocked and pilloried the protagonists, fashions and characters of the 80s. A parody of the Italy of those over the top years, the ebb tide, Reagan hedonism and drinking Milan. Omar Calabrese, Luciano Salce, Giovanni Raboni, Federico Fellini, Umberto Eco, Oreste Del Buono, Angelo Guglielmi and many other intellectuals of the time defined it as “the freest satirical show ever seen and heard on television” or “the only show , for which it is worth having television”.

We recommend the author to watch Luca Martera’s 2013 documentary “Drive In: The Origin of Evil” and attach some judgments of Drive In by the intellectuals of the time.

Well, try the vintage operation to remake the republic of the golden years, but in short…

Best regards

The Press Office of Striscia la Notia (and what remains of the revitalized Drive In)