Massimo Giletti Alessandra Moretti is still in love with me

Massimo Giletti: «Alessandra Moretti is still in love with me. I Putinian? I peed on the Russian border »

by Elvira Serra

Non l’Arena journalist: I know well that I’m divisive, but better: it means that you generate emotions. Juve: Zoff the best coach. The family business: I can still smell the odors

Does he know how to put a button back on?

I did it once in Lourdes with the Boy Scouts. Since my mother was there too, I wanted to go to her to have it repaired, but my companions wouldn’t let me.

It cannot be heard. Giletti Spa has been manufacturing yarns since 1884.

There were people who were better at hanging buttons than me. I’ve always tried not to waste time on things I wouldn’t need.

Have you ever been to the analysis? Her twin brothers, seven years older than her, put her in the well or left her in the middle of the stream.

No, on the contrary, I have always judged those who did it with an arrogant attitude. I’m 60 now and it seems a little late to recover.

And don’t you think your professional career has taken its toll? Raised as a brother to the Giletti twins, Maurizio and Emanuele are now Giletti’s brothers.

Well, maybe we can say it for a chuckle without giving it an absolute value. Without her I would have fought after my father died.

Emilio, who passed away in January 2000. She had promised him that she would take care of the company, but today she is no longer president.

It was a complex promise to keep, but right to make. I worked for the company for two years after graduating and carried the burden that I decided to leave the company. Every now and then I just have to close my eyes to see myself as a child again as I walk through the stations: I can still smell all the smells. Coming back to the promise, I think it’s important to have continuity, to invest: we did very well last year.

Do you have grandchildren?

Two, Emilio and Titti. But I’m an absentee uncle. I always run, the distance….

Massimo Giletti dances gracefully in his Roman attic in the Parioli mountains, in the blue room with matching carpet combined with the predominant color of the many balla hanging on the walls, including a magnificent tapestry that occupies a whole. They just gifted him a futuristic chest from Sicily, which he placed in front of an adorable bronze traveler by Bruno Catalano. Now and then he complains about his knee: he fell while playing football and has shed his skin here and there.

His ritual before each episode was to call his mother Giuliana.

Now I can’t anymore, for a year she’s been in limbo as a child. But when I go to her, she recognizes me and smiles, and it’s enough for me to see her eyes light up.

Is it true that he visited her alone by car from Ponzone di Trivero, in the Biellese area of ​​Rome?

Yes, with the Mercedes. Most recently he was 84 years old. He got his driving license secretly, my father was against it because there was a driver. In fact, she used it to teach driving school… I even took her to Rome on a moped!

How many girlfriends has he introduced you to?

At one point he asked me to stop introducing her to him because he liked her.

Which do you like the most?

She was very fond of Antonella Clerici, they called each other, they wrote to each other. But it was closely related to Maria Paola, the daughter of an industrialist: I found a correspondence that lasted 4-5 years.

kept in touch with all his exes?

S. The greatest satisfaction when they tell me that maybe I was better than the current husband.

Alexandra Moretti?

still in love with me, maybe partly with me too.

You tell me.

I know we’ll never get lost. For her I have a feeling of affection that binds me very much. a woman who struggled in life, raising children practically alone. I’ve never had a family from Mulino Bianco: when I saw his parents who loved each other, I was touched.

And how is his fictional girlfriend doing?


She told Today about a great love that has lived inside her for ten years…

Ah, I haven’t heard from her for a long time. But there is. I struggle with everyday life. I live today as if it were already over, always with an eye on tomorrow. difficult for me to build a long relationship. When they asked me to do a famous quiz in Rai, I said no, I was dead. I didn’t want to bring the packages.

Years ago, a survey showed that every third woman would have paid five thousand euros for a night at her place.

You never offered me anything. This Putinian poll.

Aren’t you a Putinian?

When I was 18, I whistled at the Russian border.


I was in Finland with three friends. In the summer I stole a company car from my father, in which we put the refrigerator, the stereo system and, on top of that, the cots. That summer we also went to Helsinki for the World Athletics Championships and from there further north, where we found ourselves on the border with the Soviet Union. A sign in Russian, English and Finnish read: 2 years in prison for those who speak, 5 for those who take photographs, 10 for those who cross barbed wire. I had pushed myself to the limit with my friend Giancarlo Sallier de la Tour, the soldiers were shooting from the tower. We ran away and looked at the border out of defiance.

So not a Putinian?

I feel like a free man and I believe that Europe shouldn’t be overly dependent on the United States. I do not accept absolute truth ministry.

For them, Vladimir Solovyev said that there were no arrests in Russia …

The conversations build on the clash of ideas.

And his awesome obsession with povia?

I only invited him twice. I was interested in the common thread connecting the No-Vax with the pro-Putin.

Giovanni Minoli, his mentor, said they all hunt the strange guest.

But he forgets that in the time of Mixer he sent me to the war in Serbia to present their point of view. I think we can draw a parallel between Kosovo and Donbass.

Do you want to do an episode of Non l’Arena from Russia?

It would be interesting to see for yourself what is happening there.

In hindsight, would you do it again from Ukraine?

In addition to criticism, I have also received recognition, for example from Mieli, Nuzzi. That evening we did 7% with my reports in the devastation. I’ve been to Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iraq… To talk about war, you have to see it. That’s why I went to Ukraine.

With the Hogan.

I’ve had her for seven years. They have a high cut, they’re perfect when it’s raining or there’s muddy ground.

He wore a helmet, the driver didn’t.

I have insurance that requires me to take certain precautions.

Did the escort come to Ukraine too?

no It was a risk going there: we just needed someone else to take it on.

Stop having it sooner or later?

I’m afraid not. The mafia doesn’t joke.

What service at Non l’Arena are you proud of?

When in 2018 I managed to beat Rai 1 with the hypothesis of Mattarella’s impeachment. We did public service. I’m not saying to remove the Rai royalty, but a little advertising.

Other bets?

To see a program compel the government to pass a vote of confidence on the mafia’s release, leading to the sacking of the head of the DAP, a memorable situation. Even if it cost me my freedom. But don’t be crazy: keep going even if you know what’s about to happen to you. Let’s think of Falcone and Borsellino.

Still listening to The Napoli Sisters, another TV battle turned book?

We write to each other every week. When I met her, her estate was producing a hundred kilos of wheat, today 50,000 tons.

Does he know he’s divisive?

We’re not a normal talk show, it’s my passion. I know perfectly well that I am, but better to share: it means that you generate emotions.

The colleague who appreciates the most?

I think Mentana is important: a very intelligent man, you can talk to him about anything from a work of art to an Inter center forward. I appreciate Formigli’s journalistic work. Floris is a power man like Vespa.

Why doesn’t she have an agent?

Journalists shouldn’t have it. Seeing colleagues being served by the same attorney raises questions and potential conflicts of interest. For my sense of freedom, I prefer not to have it.

He can boast of beating Maria De Filippi.

Mario Orfeo told me when he asked me to do the change. But she is unbeatable: You can only work miracles at events like Mogol’s.

Did Orpheus ever meet him?

I hope I never cross him again.

Mara Venier informed the messenger that she had given him the place in the arena.

In reality, it was Del Noce who wanted two half-hour pitches for me and Paolo Limiti.

Do you like the imitation of Ubaldo Pantani?

He laughs. Once I met Ibrahimovic at Juve and he greeted me with raised horns and the words: Hasta la f… siempre! He thought I really said it!.

The best Juventus coach?

Absurdly Dino Zoff, who won a Uefa Cup with a very weak team and beat the great Milan.

The footballer of all time?

Tardelli: Like me, he never gives up.

Are you staying at La7?

The relationship with the President is very deep. I will never forget the morning they closed my father’s coffin: I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was him. Beyond TV and my future, I have one certainty: in Cairo, I will be forever grateful.

You mentioned his name as mayor of Turin. Tries?

It really was Rome. In any case, the only position that comes to mind is that of the president of the region, because in this role you have the opportunity to exert influence.

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