1674992723 Master chef Barbieri blurts out quotYoure dirty and disheveledquot

Master chef Barbieri blurts out: "You’re dirty and disheveled"

Master chef Barbieri blurts out quotYoure dirty and disheveledquot

Hard Call and Response a master chef between cooks hairdressers the candidate Sylvia. The cook speaks to her while she is cooking: “Silvia, can I tell you a secret? I dreamed about you the other day.” She replies immediately: “How nice”. Then there is the test and Silvia comes to the judges with a “liver cake” tasted by Jeremy Chan, two Michelin stars in London. Suddenly Barbieri lets go of the pot and focuses on Silvia: “I think I see a Silvia 2 – he says –. Normally you’re very chic, now it looks like you’ve had a fight: dirty, with your hair loose… you’ve never presented yourself like that to me. Also because you have a beautiful face and you look much, much, much better with your hair up.” Silvia adjusts her tail. “I understand – continues Barbieri – that the only thing true about this dish is the name pasticcio. I hope I don’t dream about you again tonight, it would be a nightmare…”. Silvia laughs, but is actually quite irritated by the cook’s teasing.

In fact, he blurts out, “I thought I did a good job on the plate, but if instead you’re talking about elegance, class…then I’ll do my homework next time.” Then Silvia leaves the show and decides to counterattack and unloads on social media: “I thank the chefs, they have really great know-how, I had fun with them and I learned a lot.” A slap in the face to the chef Bruno Barbieri, because Judge not everything can be allowed; I consider the comments about my hair and on the apron, which underlined a sloppy appearance, to be a serious break in style and maybe more.” Finally, a summary of what I experienced: “The adventure is over, I’m relaxed, even if maybe not completely satisfied. First of all, I would like to thank the organization that makes the program possible, there is a lot of work behind the scenes, everyone has always been nice, helpful and good! I’m close to my fellow travelers, some felt good, others maybe for slightly less personal reasons, but I respected everyone equally. I sincerely wish those who are still in the game to continue their journey in the best possible way. I assure you they are all good guys.