Matteus reveals another side and makes a threat on BBB

Matteus reveals another side and makes a threat on BBB 24: “On the verge of ignorance TV news

Matteus Amaral could show a different side of his personality in the coming days on BBB 24. The engineering student, known as a good guy, admitted to his allies that he was irritated by the ignorance of some participants. He threatened to use her coldness as a weapon to defend himself. “You will see a different Matteus,” he said.

During Xepa's breakfast this Wednesday (24th), the gaucho spoke with Ráculo Cardozo, Deniziane Ferreira and Beatriz Reis on the subject of Xrays and made a confession about himself. The brothers were asked what character trait they had not yet revealed on the show.

“I said cold. I didn't show my coldness. When they treat me with ignorance and push me to the limit of ignorance, I become cold,” he said.

However, the three pointed out that each individual's explosive side had not yet come to the surface. “Here there are situations that people put us in and that lead us to this,” Ráculo said. “I said, but calm down, Brazil, there are still two weeks left on the program, it will happen,” said Beatriz.

Matteus took the opportunity to take a swipe at some participants without directly naming names. “Now they started treating me with ignorance, they wanted to be nice to me. Then they will see another Matteus,” he replied.

On X, the old Twitter, Internet users began to speculate that the boy could be talking about Giovanna Pitel. “It makes sense, I never saw him speak to Pitel again,” commented a social network user named Bea Óbica. “It comes from being too nice. That's why I say: If you're nice, you'll always get screwed,” commented Jessie Castro.

On the other hand, some viewers believe that Matteus might seem like a fake person. “The biggest character in the cast. This one goes to the final,” wrote Gigi Marques. “That's it little snake, show your face!” added an internet user named Tatu Gomes.

And the couple?

Matteus came into the spotlight on Big Brother Brasil because he exchanged affection with Deniziane even though the two have not officially become a couple. When the gaucho was still leader, the two slept together under the covers and exchanged kisses on the neck.

This Wednesday morning (24) Matteus approached Deniziane with hugs and kisses on the cheek. “Oh, stop, how delicious!” said the physiotherapist.

However, the two are not so popular with the audience on the Internet. “This couple has the charisma of a door,” complained an internet user named Nah Breezy. “I can't stand this 'Jegona' behaving like a teenager,” said Maria Helena. “I’m already sick of this girl,” Kelly Gal added.

There are also those who believe that they are trying to copy the plot of the participants who the public hoped would become a couple on BBB 23. “I think she's trying to be like Amanda.” [Meirelles] It is [Antônio] Cara de Sapato,” Ana Gabriela guessed.