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Matthew Bock-Side

If I told you, dear reader, that I wanted to pursue a career in the United States and changed my name to Matthew Bock-Side, you would think I was a Tarla, wouldn’t you?

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Don’t be shy, I would think the same of myself.

But you will say to yourself: nobody would do such a thing!


But, dear reader, make no mistake, Quebec is increasingly a society as RBO envisioned it nearly 30 years ago, and there are now artists offering to masquerade.

Jérôme Couture, the pop singer, has decided to change his name! We call him Jay Kutcher now. Thanks to this ruse, worthy of Daniel Boone, he thinks of conquering English Canada and then the United States!

Too bad Celine Dion didn’t think of it before him! She could have called herself Cel Dyon and achieved even greater success than the ones we know!

To hell with the talent! The main thing is to look like an American!

This brings me back to my original idea!

If France ever gets fed up with me and I now want to pursue a career with our southern neighbors, I will also change my name: I will become Matthew Bock-Side.

And why not, Matt Bockside!

I’ll then accumulate the millions, the billions. The world will be mine because I got rid of my ugly name which sounds too Quebecois and which doesn’t allow you to flash internationally – I invite you to pronounce it in English, “internachunalll”, it sounds more manly !


Bizarre though, some Quebecers get the impression they have a two foot twenty pound penis when they speak English like Texans.

When I’m not adorned with that last name, I’m doing general hilarity in the United States and getting tomatoes on the way home.

I would have looked for it.

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