Matvei Michkov a recruiters nightmare

Matvei Michkov, a recruiter’s nightmare

Alain Chainey speaks the language of the former recruiter he was in the National League for more than 20 years as he reviews Matvei Michkov’s record. “He’s what the jargon calls a boy scout killer,” he laughs. You might regret it if you don’t fish it out, and you might regret it if you do.

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We know the dilemma.

SKA Saint Petersburg owns the rights to Michkov until the end of the 2025–2026 season.

That means for another three years.

We’re talking about superior talent.

“He’s considered the most talented player after Connor Bedard,” Chainey recalled.

Why not?

The Canadians or any other teams that have the option of signing Michkov have more than six weeks to come to a decision.

We’re talking about a decision that will have a significant impact on the team that chooses him.

i know what i would do

Even if Michkov would only come to America in three years, the game is worth the money.

So, yes to Michkov!

Provided, of course, that it’s still available in fifth place.

It is said that he was modeled after Nikita Kucherov. In plain language it means that the young person has vigour.

When it comes to his game, he draws attention. He likes to score Michigan-style goals.

But if I had any advice for him, I would tell him not to abuse it in the National League. Otherwise we will quickly and clearly tell him that it will not be tolerated here.

Not for everyone

As a former scout and head scout for the Anaheim Ducks, Alain Chainey had to deal with similar issues as Michkov.

“I know from experience that it scares some teams,” Chainey said.

“Organizations that want to win as quickly as possible will not wait three years. For the others there is time to develop their young players, knowing that in a few years they can add a top player to their formation.

“When I was working for the Ducks, several teams did without Evgeny Kuznetsov. The Capitals were able to sign him 26th overall and Kuznetsov came to Washington three years later.

Is there a kaprizov for CH?

There’s also nothing to suggest that the Canadian didn’t spot a Russian gem later in the draft, like the Minnesota Wild did with Kirill Kaprizov, whom he drafted 135th overall in 2015.

In addition, Kaprizov was discovered through a combination of different circumstances. Wild Scouts were touring in Russia when poor weather conditions forced them to postpone their return.

They went to a Novokuznetsk Metallurg game and faced Kaprizov, a KHL rookie.

They had to see something very special in Kaprizov, whose first-season tally was just four goals and as many assists in 31 games.

Does Nick Bobrov, the Canadiens’ co-director of recruiting, have similar bunnies?

opinion of the owner

Undoubtedly, Bobrov’s expertise and contacts in his home country will be of great importance in Operation Michkov. Geoff Molson will also have a say. Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes will ask his opinion.

The owner has adopted the concept of a reconstruction, but he has to satisfy a clientele.

The fans were incredibly patient last season, but it won’t stay that way forever. You will want more next year.

And you, what do you think?

If Michkov is available for the Canadiens, will you take him or not?

The hope of the Queen City


Everyone expected the Toronto Maple Leafs to sleep into the summer Wednesday night.

Journalists were ready to write obituaries for Brendan Shanahan, Kyle Dubas and Sheldon Keefe. But on his first outing in the National League playoffs, goaltender Joseph Woll breathed new life into his team.

There will be some pressure on the youngster’s shoulders tonight as he plays his first game at the Scotiabank Arena.

Drafted in the third round by the Leafs in 2016, Woll played for Boston College for three years before turning pro at the age of 21.

With a height of 1.80 meters and a weight of more than 90 kilograms, he has the size of today’s goalkeepers. In the fourth game of the series against the Florida Panthers, he did very well.

We felt sure of himself.

In the footsteps of the “cat”

Of course, a match does not make a career. But in Toronto, where fans cling to the slightest hope, Woll is already a sensation.

Could he be the Leafs organization goalie that fans have been waiting for so long?

According to several observers, Woll is already the best goalkeeper the organization has developed in 35 years. So since the beginnings of Félix Potvin, who took over the position of title goalkeeper from the famous Grant Fuhr.

Les eaux seront plus agitees pour le Canadien lan prochain