Maybe they are small The irony of social media

“Maybe they are small…” | The irony of social media on cosplaying Chiara Ferragni… Fashion and image

Chiara Ferragni – Source: Instagram @chiaraferragni –

Chiara Ferragni wore a Dior total look that made her look identical to Anna Wintour, but she didn’t like it on social media!

It is well known that Chiara Ferragni is one of the most famous and richest Italian digital entrepreneurs. It has that too a big ambition and who also loves to be inspired by the great women who have made history.

Precisely for these reasons, we could not help noticing that the Dior total look chosen by Chiara, combined with new hairstyle (which became even shorter after Sanremo) and ai Glasses, It seems a Anna Wintour costume.

For (the very few) who don’t know: Anna Wintour is the absolute queen of international fashion publishing. And the since 1988 director of American Vogue and with its monthly magazine, it has literally made fashion history on a par with the most famous maisons. Wintour has become an icon for her golden bob which he has always worn identically and for himself for decades Ultra-chic style for a manager.

Looking at the photos, it almost seems like Chiara hit the mark, but just read the comments to understand that not everything went smoothly.

The ancient story of Chiara Ferragni’s feet

Chiara Ferragni always was before she established herself as an international digital star teases her with the shape of her feet. For many they are too thin, too long and especially You have very strange fingers. In reality, Chiara’s second toe is simply longer than the big toe, a bit like Botticelli’s Venus, but overall the shape of her bare feet isn’t as harmonious.

Ferragni was always open to criticism, including on her feet, and continued to wear sandals and open-toed shoes of all kinds. The problem lies right here: it seems that Dior pulled a bad trick on her.

Chiara Ferragni – Source: Instagram @chiaraferragni –

The wild irony of the comments

“Maybe the slippers are small, you have all your toes on the pavement!”, “All the toes outside the slippers are terrible!”, “The slippers aren’t buckets at all, they don’t fit!”, “But do your shoes run small? ” These are just some of the comments that users have written about Ferragni’s little photoshoot.

Actually, we can only agree: the shoes of this model do not particularly flatter Chiara and they do not embellish the look: is this all a marketing ploy to write comments?