MC Daniel visits a doctor to prove that he does not have gynecomastia: Envy Kills Folha de Pernambuco


Users insinuated that he had resorted to taking anabolic steroids to gain muscle

Per Oh Globo AgencyJAN 29, 2024 at 8:43 p.m

MC Daniel in consultation with a doctor reproduction

Funk singer MC Daniel revealed in Instagram stories that he went to a doctor to make sure everything was okay with his breasts. This week he was criticized for his rapid physical development. The more muscular São Paulo native addressed the recording to users who had accused him in recent days of resorting to anabolic steroids a fact that even led to an abnormal enlargement of his breasts, known as gynecomastia.

“I came to Dr. Fabrício, a welleducated man, a renowned doctor, to talk about the parade. There is no…” says the singer. “It is normal human tissue, there is no enlarged tissue. There is nothing better than an injury, as I said,” he said. the doctor. “People have already said that I had to have an operation, that I had to spend six months in treatment… Envy kills, right…” concludes the singer.

Recently, Daniel urged his followers on BBB24 to show “maximum rejection” against Nizam for his sexist speeches about Yasmin Brunet’s body.

The series of sexist comments about Yasmin Brunet's body during a conversation between leader Rodriguinho and Nizam has had a negative impact on social media since Saturday (13). In an earlier statement on the case, MC Daniel supported his sister, with whom he allegedly had an affair late last year.

I heard the brothers talking about Yasmin… That's nonsense, isn't it, brother? Talk about the girl's body, which is always perfect emphasized the singer. — Do you know what you have to do now? Hang this Nizam on the wall. Let's take him out with maximum denial, got it?