MC Gilles demolishes the plot of Indefendable We Can Oh

MC Gilles demolishes the plot of Indéfendable We Can! Oh, I’m tired!” – World of Stars

Fans of the Quebec show now, which airs weekdays on 98.5 FM and stars Patrick Lagacé, Catherine Beauchamp and MC Gilles, know this totally absurd moment of the week when MC Gilles gives us fast-paced updates of hot storylines in STAT and Indefensible there.

We got our weekly column on Thursday, and we have to say we laugh every time the comedian tells us about the week’s events in his two favorite dailies in his own unique tone.

But this week we have to say that we feel the good MC is completely overwhelmed by recent intrigues in Indefensible and listening to him we can very well guess his opinion on the work of the series’ writers.

“Unjustifiable, how am I supposed to explain that to you? There is an aggressor factor that passes on letters. Catherine pointed out to me last week that she thinks he’s a “mallophile,” that he’s passionate about trunk boxes. How do I know? Because he squeezed a suitcase really hard. Yes yes, he did it in French.


He goes past François Morency’s house to speak to my parents and, surprisingly, he rings the bell but they are not the ones who answer.

His girlfriend is starting to think he’s scruffy because we remember he’s an aggressive “mallophile” factor. She rummages through her things and finds a box of shells, your thing, and some letters tucked under the drawer.

During this time, Mathieu Baron would like to buy a trailer tent. I’m telling you it sucks. He asks his friend, Master Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, what she thinks about it and she says: give me time to think about it. This caravan-tent intrigue lasted three days.

The guy who killed his ex’s new boyfriend for breaking his head on the patio appears in court. Maître Poupou and Maître Anne-Élisabeth Bossé interview him and ask him: “Why does your ex hate you the same way?” He replies because he cheated on him.

They take their paper at the same time and write: IL, L’A, TRO-MPÉ!

During this time, Master Laperrière continues his cursed painting of Calvâsse fish. The malophile postman’s blonde rips off the paint so he wears a beautiful Calvinse. It doesn’t bother him that a postman aggressor is running around attacking people. But that his cursed fish picture is scratched puts him in a fine calf.

Well finally a plot that unlocks, Poupou’s wife crowns him there, she moves elsewhere, and this is the moment Anne-Élisabeth Bossé sleeps with our friend Mathieu Baron, she loves Poupou ben stiff. It’s subtle like a nail bar.


Peter Miller, who has just arrived at the office, takes Tatiana as his secretary while she is a lawyer. He sends him to the dry cleaners, he sends him to get flowers, he is suspected of being newly baked or … a racist.

After that, Maître Laperrière told us I like the Impressionists, that’s why I’m painting a fish. WE ARE CAPABLE OF ITS O*TI OF FISH! I am tired!


Oh, are Anne-Éli and Poupou going into French? NO! But my moles tell me they’re going to French next week, which will put Mathieu Baron in a bad spot.

Surprise, Ti-Bill is back! We say well, it will be important! Pantoute! We haven’t seen him all week.


Ultimately, Wednesday’s episode was an anthology piece of absurdity, with Judge Brouillard not only on the verge of the crown but also taking sides. He decided never to listen to Mr Poupou’s reasoning, saying he had already made his choice. Have you ever seen this yourself?

It has to be said that this is the first case that Maître Poupou loses and he says to his client: I think we will appeal, I think the judge is biased. I DON’T KNOW! HE DIDN’T HEAR WHAT HE SAYS FOR EVEN HALF AN HOUR!


And the episode ends with Maître Laperrière laying out the ribbon for his cursed fish picture! Attention, seriously, drop the gunpowder writers. Your business makes no sense! I’m sure the entire Indefensible writing team is working side by side on the magic mushrooms. »

We strongly encourage you to listen to his column in full on the 98.5 FM website:

For fans of the series, here’s one of the most heartbreaking moments of the week and – we suspect – a turning point for what’s to come in the weeks to come:

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