MC Gilles takes up the Indefendable series Vedette Quebec

MC Gilles takes up the Indéfendable series – Vedette Québec – solidly

Thousands of Quebecers love Indéfendable, the TVA daily. Of course we cannot count MC Gilles among them.

This is usually reminiscent of the recent intrigues of STAT and Indéfendable, the two current daily newspapers in Quebec.

MC Gilles was pretty vocal about the TVA court series earlier this week.

During his column on the Le Québec programme, now on 98.5 FM, MC Gilles has decisively taken over the daily, in which Sébastien Delorme in particular plays the leading role.

Here’s what he said on the air:

“Unjustifiable, how am I supposed to explain that to you? There is an aggressor factor that passes on letters. Catherine pointed out to me last week that she thinks he’s a mallophile, that suitcase boxes turn him on. How do I know? Because he squeezed a suitcase really hard. Yes yes, he did it in French.

He goes past François Morency’s house to speak to my parents and, surprisingly, he rings the bell but they are not the ones who answer.

His own girlfriend is beginning to find him dodgy because people remind us he’s an aggressive “mallophile” factor. She rummages through her things and finds a box of shells, your thing, and some letters tucked under the drawer.


After that, Maître Laperrière told us I like the Impressionists, that’s why I’m painting a fish. WE ARE CAPABLE OF ITS O*TI OF FISH! I am tired!

Oh, are Anne-Éli and Poupou going into French? NO! But my moles tell me they’re going to French next week, which will put Mathieu Baron in a bad spot.

Surprise, Ti-Bill is back! We say well, it will be important! Pantoute! We haven’t seen him all week.

Ultimately, Wednesday’s episode was an anthology piece of absurdity, with Judge Brouillard not only on the verge of the crown but also taking sides. He decided never to listen to Mr Poupou’s reasoning, saying he had already made his choice. Have you ever seen this yourself?

It has to be said that this is the first case that Maître Poupou loses and he says to his client: I think we will appeal, I think the judge is biased. I DON’T KNOW! HE DIDN’T HEAR WHAT HE SAYS FOR EVEN HALF AN HOUR!

And the episode ends with Maître Laperrière laying out the ribbon for his cursed fish picture!

MC Gilles didn’t trade his words to say what he thought of the Indefensible storyline.

He even treated the authors of the daily newspaper quite harshly:

“Seriously, drop the gunpowder offenders. Your business makes no sense! I’m sure the entire Indefensible writing team is working side by side on the magic mushrooms. »

MC Gilles – who occasionally plays the role of The King’s Jester on Tout le monde en parle – doesn’t like the Indefensible series.

He made it clear on the 98.5 FM airwaves for the past few days.

Remember that the daily newspaper Indéfendable is shown on TVA from Monday to Thursday at 7pm.

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Sources: 98.5 FM and MondedeStars