Media Israel negotiating with Congo over transfer of Palestinians from

Media, Israel “negotiating with Congo” over transfer of Palestinians from Gaza. The condemnation of the international community

The Israeli government intends to encourage the emigration of Gazans and ensure their reception in other countries. To this end, it is already in negotiations with various countries, including Congo. A scenario that is rejected by the international community, especially the Americans, and traditionally rejected by the Palestinian population, but which would now be part of the government's policy Netanyahu actively works for post-Hamas.

“It will be necessary to take measures to abolish the maintenance of refugee status (maintained by Palestinians who fled or were forced to leave the territory of the current State of Israel in 1948 and by their descendants) and the “Use UNRA resources to create conditions that encourage Palestinians to build their lives elsewhere,” the intelligence minister said Gila Gamliel he said during a conference yesterday, Israeli newspaper Mekor Rishon reported.

Scenarios for “Post-Hamas”

At the end of October, Gamliel's ministry had caused outrage when it conducted a study in which, among the hypotheses for the post-Hamas in Gaza, it proposed the possibility of transferring the Palestinian civilian population from Gaza to Egypt and creating a buffer zone there to protect the Israeli one Border. At the time, the Prime Minister's Office described the document as “conceptual” and reiterated that such a hypothesis had never been discussed. However, Gamliel often repeated this idea. With the Prime Minister himself Benjamin Netanyahu who admitted during a Likud meeting a few days ago that he was working to “find countries willing to accept them.”

As the Times of Israel reported, citing an anonymous source within the War Council, Congo has already given its consent and Jerusalem is in negotiations with several other states. The news comes a few hours after the American government sharply criticized far-right Israeli ministers Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich for their statements calling for the permanent occupation of the Gaza Strip and the reconstruction of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip, US State Department spokesman ” inflammatory and irresponsible.”

Tensions with the USA

“The United States is our best friend, but first and foremost we will do what is best for the State of Israel: the migration of hundreds of thousands from Gaza will allow border residents to return home and live in safety,” he wrote to Ben Gviron finds a hotbed of hatred and terrorism.” The controversy is raising further tensions between Jerusalem and Washington as the Biden administration has offered support to Israel in the war against Hamas but has grown increasingly frustrated with Israeli positions on post-conflict solutions feels.

In fact, the relocation scenario traditionally embodies one of the worst nightmares of the Palestinian population, that of being forced to leave their land, and is reminiscent of the events in 1948 after the war between the newly formed Israel and the Arab countries of the region, when hundreds of They had to leave their country. Thousands left their homes and cities, in many cases voluntarily, in others forced. According to the United Nations, around two million people – 85% of Gaza's population – are currently displaced by the war and are living in very harsh conditions.