Meet the 5 most dangerous cities in the United States

Meet the 5 most dangerous cities in the United States: They record the deadliest mass shootings

Across the entire length and width of the USA unfortunate episodes of armed violence. However, there are particular concerns regarding five cities, considered the epicenters of the most devastating mass shootings in history. In this note we will reveal what they are and give detailed numbers that reflect the harsh reality armed violence within the North American nation.

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Mass shootings are often a recurring theme in USA and this is due to the ease with which firearms, whether legal or illegal, can be obtained. According to the Swiss organization, there are 120 firearms for every 100 Americans Small Arms Survey (SAS). No other country in the world has more weapons than people. Kamala HarrisVice President of USAposted an alarming message about the situation on his X account: “One in five Americans knows someone who has died as a result of gun violence.”

The armed violence It could impact anyone, but it often harms people from ethnic minorities and children living in areas affected by poverty and insecurity unequally. Let's look at the numbers of gender-based violence, The situation exposes women to accidents that change their lives or, in the worst case, take their lives.

The 5 cities in the US most affected by shootings

  • The Vegas, Nevadain 2017, with 546 injured and 58 dead.
  • Orlando Floridain 2016, with a tally of 53 injured and 29 dead.
  • Blacksburg, VirginiaIn 2007, a shooting occurred in which 23 people were injured and 32 were killed.
  • Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary, where 27 people died and 2 were injured.
  • Sutherland Springs, Texas In 2017 there were 26 deaths and 20 injuries.
  • Other states with high rates of fire They are Mississippi with 28.6%; Louisiana at 26.3%; Wyoming at 25.9%; Missouri at 23.9%; Alabama at 23.6% and Alaska at 23.5%. The states mentioned above also have high gun ownership rates. One of these is Mississippi, where one in two adults is reported to live in a home with a firearm CNN.

    Use of weapons in the United States |  most dangerous cities in the United States |  Shooting in the USA |  Use of weapons USAGun ownership in the United States is supported by the Second Amendment. Photo: EFE/EPA/MATT MARTON)

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    Access to guns in the United States: an early demise

    According to a survey by Pew, in 2021The majority of older adults believe that the decrease in crime is linked to the increase in gun ownership by each citizen. This is a false assumption as it has been observed that where people have easier access to weapons, greater assaults, homicides and even accidental accidents occur.

    Most murders in Mexico and some Latin American countries are committed with smuggled weapons UNITED STATES. The continued indiscriminate use of firearms and the lack of comprehensive regulation of their acquisition is an attack on human rights such as the right to life.