Meet the world39s incredibly longest unbroken land border surpassing

Meet the world's incredibly longest unbroken land border – surpassing those of the United States and Canada

The earth gives us geographical and political wonders, among which stands out the longest continuous land border in the world. A title that, contrary to popular belief, is not held by the USA and Canada, but by two other countries. This border redefines the ideas of distance and proximity and symbolizes a historical and strategic connection between them two Eurasian powers.

This milestone is not only significant geographical terms, but also in the context of bilateral relations, where cooperation and strategic agreements play a crucial role in regional stability. The dynamics of this land border reflect a balance between national sovereignty and the need to maintain a secure border open to economic and cultural flow.

The longest continuous land border in the world

Owner of an extension of 7,591 kmaccording to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and CooperationThis land border is a testament to the vast territory shared by Russia and Kazakhstan, whose origins lie in time Caspian Sea until Altai Mountains.

The border is 7,591 km long.  Photo: BBC

The border is 7,591 km long. Photo: BBC

Beyond its impressive length, the border between these nations is an arena for bilateral cooperation and reflects the complexity of international relations in the region 21st century.

This limit was officially set in 1930 and then redefined Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The border between Russia and Kazakhstan is more than a simple territorial demarcation. Its history is inextricably linked to the political and social changes in the region, witnessing important demarcation and cooperation agreements.

The length of the Border between Russia and Kazakhstan, which in kilometers exceeds that of the United States and Canada, is distinguished by its strategic and economic importance. This is an important corridor for the Eurasian trade, as it facilitates the transit of natural resources, goods and services between Central Asia and Europe. It illustrates how geography can do this promote strategic alliances.

Why does the border between Russia and Kazakhstan extend beyond that of the United States and Canada?

The border between United States and Canada Its extent corresponds to a length of 8,893 km; However, it is divided into two sections: land and sea.

At just 7,591 km it is Border between Russia and Kazakhstan It is considered the largest contiguous land border in the world, second only to the world-famous one in North America.

The size of this land border is possible because Russia is also the largest country in the world Kazakhstan It is the ninth on this list. Both have huge areas of land, which contributes to one extensive border. It is worth noting that these two nations were republics of the Soviet Union that separated after its collapse.