Meg Ryan takes Sallys hands with What Happens Later –

Meg Ryan takes Sally’s hands with “What Happens Later” – Liberation

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A symbol of the American romcom of the 90s, the actress switches to the other side of the camera with “What Happens Later”. She films herself, without filters, meeting behind closed doors with an ex-lover, played by David Duchovny.

Meg Ryan was proclaimed the princess of romantic comedy in the '90s after “Harry and Sally,” and today she returns to the genre that she exposed (and then limited) by creating a strange, disaffected and conceptual anti-romance comedy. What was quickly pushed out of American theaters last fall is now coming to us directly on VOD platforms. We might as well warn you: “What Happens Later” is not a feel-good film, quite the opposite. Two ex-lovers (directed by David Duchovny, an alchemy worthy of the best films in the genre) accidentally find themselves in a godforsaken airport, stuck in a blizzard, and seize the opportunity to vent their mutual resentment since March 25th years old after their separation. He's now a bitter businessman, she's a New Age fanatic who never leaves her rain stick. They are actually “two beings who are complete opposites,” like in any good romantic comedy, except now it’s obvious that they have nothing to do with each other.

According to what ?

Just like last year's Ticket to Paradise with Julia Roberts (runner-up in the genre behind Ryan), the film focuses on old people who know the times well.