Megan Fox Shut Down These Machine Gun Kelly Cheating Rumors

Megan Fox Shut Down These Machine Gun Kelly Cheating Rumors On Instagram – Cosmopolitan

Just so you know, Machine Gun Kelly emphatically *didn’t* cheat on Megan Fox. No IRL scam. No DM scam. No inappropriate chatbot talk. Apparently not even cheating next to it. We know, we know — it seemed like there’s been a lot of drama between the couple lately, but this definitely no-cheat update comes from a reliable source: Megan herself.

ICYMI, Megan did much to fuel infidelity/breakup rumors last week as she cryptically wrote about “dishonesty” before directly deleting her IG. However, now she’s back and setting the record for all the rumors that MGK was unfaithful. The post has no caption and comments are disabled and the image is an image with text that reads:

“There was no third party interference in this relationship. This includes but is not limited to… real humans, DMs, AI bots, or succubus demons.

While I hate stopping you from posting random unsubstantiated messages that would have been much more accurately written by ChatGPT, you must let this story die and leave all these innocent people alone now 🙏🏻💜.”

Megan’s post came amid reports that she and MGK were working on their relationship (but still stressed that she wasn’t happy with him).

“Megan is still upset but isn’t giving up on their relationship,” a source told People on Friday. “It’s the same for him. They get professional help because they want it to work.”

Obviously ^^that^^ still isn’t great, but at least recent reports on the status of Megan and MGK ahead of their decision to get involved (small victories?) have become increasingly optimistic. Last week, reports suggested they were *technically* still dating, but that Megan had taken off her engagement ring and wasn’t speaking to Machine Gun Kelly after a huge argument last weekend.

Of course, Megan’s IG statement didn’t really address the state of their relationship, but at least we can rule out infidelity as the cause of the explosion. Waiting patiently(ish) to see how this plays out.