Meghan is proud of her husband and Harry loves What

Meghan is proud of her husband and Harry loves: What the Sussexes' body language says

Despite the usual rumors that they are in crisis, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear to be closer and more in love than ever before. The Dukes of Sussex flew to Jamaica for this Premiere of the film Bob Marley One Lovededicated to the life of the legendary reggae musician.

Among the various photos taken during the event, one that caught our attention shows former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle talking to her husband. Place your hand on his chest for a moment and then stroke him gently. In an interview with the Chron, body language expert Judi James commented on this dynamic between the two: “He shows a lot of affection, it's definitely a loving gesture.” It also signals a kind of pride for the husband, as if to say, “He's mine.”.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex They often held hands during the event, “a sign of strong solidarity”. Once again, says the expert, It was clearly Meghan who set the pace of the greetings. “It was his body language typical of a Hollywood starwith slightly maternal gestures to lead the various public relations a relaxed looking Harrystarting with the blouse left open at the neck.” Once again, Judi James pointed out to the English tabloid: “a funny and tender momentwhen Harry and Meghan split up to go for a walk and Meghan runs her hand down her dress and Harry instinctively imitates the gestureShe does the same with her dress, as if she was inspired by it.

In short, a very successful couple's choreography.