1664797162 Meghan Markle is again controversial for earrings quotfrom bloodquot Look

Meghan Markle is (again) controversial for earrings "from blood" Look davip

Meghan Markle and the diamond earring controversySimone Rocha’s earrings from the Duchess did not go unnoticed

On September 19th at the funeral of queen elizabeth, Megan Markle she had managed to win back the hearts of the British a little. In fact, the Duchess of Sussex chose to dress modestly for the celebratory occasion so as not to attract attention (HERE the details). Especially her choice of sobriety had fallen on jewels: for her only the Love bracelet from Cartier and pearl earrings, given as a gift to the sovereign on the occasion of her marriage to Harry. But now another pair of earrings brings her back to the center of the controversy.

Earrings in Fiji

This is a story that dates back to 2018, has been revived several times and is now back in vogue thanks to a forthcoming book, Courtiers: The inside story of the Palace, written by Valentine Low. Let’s go in order. It is exactly October 2018, the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They are involved in a royal tour in Oceania between Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It was on those latter islands that Markle attended a state banquet with earrings that got people talking. Meghan, who recently announced her first pregnancy (HERE’S how he had the curve concealed), was a vision with a blue cape dress by safiya which wrapped around the aforementioned belly. In her ears, the Duchess wore very precious diamond pendants.

The mysteries of the palazzo

1664797157 742 Meghan Markle is again controversial for earrings quotfrom bloodquot LookMeghan in Fiji

Palazzo staff said the earrings were loaned from a jeweller, without giving any further details. A detail that had made curious and royal experts suspicious, as Buckingham Palace has always disclosed very precise information about the jewels worn by the royal family. “You are on loan from Chopard‘ they later announced. However, a website dedicated to studying Meghan Markle’s appearance had managed to uncover the actual brand. butanes. Why had they lied in London?

The fear of the staff

Harry and Meghan Markle at the 2020 Endeavor AwardsHarry and Meghan in 2020

Eventually it turned out to be a wedding present Megan Markle out Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Crown Prince. Nothing unusual so far, many people attended the happy event, from rulers and personalities from all over the world. The problem arises from the fact that in the days of the Australian tour the journalist was Jamal Khashoggi he had been murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. This happened on October 2nd, while Saudi Arabia had admitted its guilt on October 20th. Just three days later, on the 23rd, Markle had worn the earrings at the state gala. The news of the assassination of the political opponent was on everyone’s lips, could it be that nobody had raised the matter in the palazzo? The crown has always distanced itself from controversial figures to avoid scandals. In this case, he would certainly not have wanted to show any closeness to the Saudis. In his book Valentine Low told how the news had made the rounds at Kensington Palace, but the assistants decided not to say anything for fear of an overreaction from Harry and Meghan, between shouts and insults.

Meghan falls for it again

Meghan Markle and the diamond earring controversyIn green in London

After only three weeks, on returning to England, Megan Markle she had put her earrings back on. On November 14, 2018, she was actually photographed at Carlo’s birthday party, glittering with her diamonds. At this point, the staff seems to have decided to point this out to Harry. The Duchess’ lawyer then announced that Meghan was unaware of the Saudi prince’s involvement in the journalist’s death. A statement that was hard to keep after the gems were shown a second time, 20 days after news of Khashoggi broke out around the world. Meghan speaks with the look… this time it might have been better to keep her mouth shut.

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