1674879797 Memphis African American killed by agents shock video released

Memphis, African American killed by agents: shock video released

Memphis African American killed by agents shock video released

More specifically, four videos were released, captured by the video cameras that the police officers themselves wore on their uniforms. The pictures show the Brutal caning for African Americanswhich took place after the 29-year-old was pulled over for allegedly reckless driving.

Bodycam video shows the 29-year-old man pinned to the ground after attempting to escape, brutally beaten by officers for three minutes as she yells and calls for her mother several times.

One clip shows officers dragging Nichols out of the driver’s seat of his car as he yells, “Damn, I haven’t done anything… I’m just trying to get home” and forcing him to the ground while ordering him to get on his put stomach, sprayed his face with pepper spray. Nichols breaks free, gets up and runs down a street as officers chase after him and fire tasers at him.

Another video shows a subsequent scuffle after officers again reached out to Nichols and punched him. Two police officers hold him down while a third kicks him a fourth hits punches with what looks like a polebefore another agent hits him.

It is feared that the release of the videos could spark protests and riots, as has happened in the past with cases of African Americans killed by police. From President Joe Biden, who said he was “outraged and deeply saddened” after seeing the footage, a call to rest: “The protests are peaceful.” Nichols’ family members who received a call from Biden and investigators spoke of one “inhuman” and “terrifying” violence from the police officers.