Men and women Isas opinion on the 012523 episode

Men and women: Isa’s opinion on the 01/25/23 episode

But seriously, can you imagine a person not noticing, someone who might have had the TV tuned to Canale 5 just the night before, turning on and finding themselves in front of them Gemma Galgani The study focused on men and women with this black tunic, which should have indicated a sexy Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut and was more reminiscent of the Scream Mask instead.

But for such a cuddly toy there are extremes to claim damages Piersilviohey!

Anyway, I’m mad, you know, I’m mad because the fashion show is a sacred moment, it’s a moment of deep remembrance before the god of garbage, where we only care about people over 40/50/60/70 fighting, 80/90 for those less sensual, for those who hit the mark, for those who were more creative, poking fun at themselves in front of 3 million people BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE brackets where we start to talk about the releases of Alexander and some tears pamela WHY “ARE YOU TOO CRAZY?”

men and women

Barbara Desanti she would never have allowed you to do such a thing, she would have argued until the jugular exploded over the voices of the paddlers, she was our parade priestess, she would have maintained order and never allowed anyone to violate the sacred spirit of the moment in this way.

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Anyway, AlessandroEnzoDeCaro is a big screen and doesn’t do anything to avoid appearing so, obviously he’s attracted to it Gemma Galgani as I am attracted to my dog’s mush but enter the transference through interaction with him Galgani it always comes in handy, and these dead men of fame know it well.

Sweet the moment during the fashion show jewel she pulled him closer and laid her lips on him like a lady Sylvaner while risking breaking his cervical vertebrae to avoid even accidentally touching them, and even cuter the moment that Alexander He explained to us that if he appreciates that Galgani it’s because she does things for him, she has thoughts for him, she gave him a stocking and “now women don’t do those things anymore, now they don’t care about men”…get it? Poor star, these modern women are too independent and no longer stay at home, preparing pimps for her husband and also worrying about putting his pajamas on the radiator so he thinks it’s hot.

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pamelabut another one that worries me, eh, that’s at least Paula she did the whole south american telenovela skit because she bombed it and felt used, pamela today she was in tears for him as it was basically just a half kiss. I mean yeah ok it’s ok to be sane but in short let it be sane mind.

Ps 1 I PHYSICALLY SUFFER from the idea that today, during Roberta of Padua he took Richard Guarnieri To make the scene dell’imboccamento sensual, there was a camera framing the reaction Ida because I’m SURE she’s so upset by now and so in love with her Casio (he gave himself Casio, eh, I would never allow myself to) that at least the customer who owns it has it irrevocably in the Has bitten hair then arranged his wig.

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Psalm 2 Among those who are marched up today Glory Nicoletti the coolest for detachment, jewel it wasn’t bad, but I think back to the robe of terror and I can’t get any further, Roberta he had this “dangerous acrylic” (cit) cover up that you buy at the stands for 3 euros and if you happen to fall down and rub the asphalt the fire department has to come, pamela too mental e DanielaGood, Daniela is DanielaShe had also built up a theatrical piece at the men’s and women’s fashion show, if John and Tine had they not stopped her, she would have recounted to us the various acts of the conspiracy (cited).

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