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Meow, now something for Maria De Filippi: "she was really…" | She spared nothing tendendiviaggio

Meow, running freely to Maria De Filippi, “it was really…”. He said everything.

No doubt he still speaks widely for himself the exit from the crime scenedecidedly improvised by the singer Meow, out of Friends. Many started grumbling on social media, which we know they have now become a large showcase for everyone, whether it was because of that Matthew whatever came out.

Some had speculated that he was tired of it poor results in the rankingsHe stamped his feet, as they say, to convince too There his better half to complete the program that gave her excellent results. Still others have whispered that it was precisely with this goal in mind that he made them make this famous decision live their story more and more freelyaway from the cameras.

And then the rumors that it could be her became louder and more intimidating wait sweet. Then through the smart one Deianira Marzano We found out The girl's parents were very angry with her about that head turn. One of her users, who is very close to her, told her everything the singer's uncles.

Mew reveals to Maria De Filippi: “She was really…”

In the end, the former participant decided to do it herself Open the faucet reveals what would have motivated her to take a step further away from the father of all talents Evening phase. Especially since, according to many viewers, it wasn't the only one she could get to the final one but also Win It. And she decided to do it a social video which was well clicked, was accepted everywhere and became popular in a very short time viral.

Without make-up, with clearly visible tattoos on the arms, a sweet but also melancholic look, Meow He addressed his fans, who are extremely numerous. He spoke for a long time without ever stopping, revealing that he was suffering from it depressionAnd. Unfortunately, even when she was CEO, the dark evil plagued her Friends. And when he reflected on his experiences at school, he talked about it too Maria De Filippi“,” she was Really…”

Mew tells the truth about MariaMewtraveltrends

His words full of emotion

“When I think about it FriendsI think about Maria. She is an incredible woman who helped me and supported me at all times. He gave me the support I needed and most importantly He understands me. “For this reason, I will always carry the relationship we have in my heart,” revealed the singer, appearing self-confident a note of sincere and vivid emotion to the moderator.

In short, it seems so De Filippi However, she says she and her work team helped the girl in the most difficult moments Meowthey were no longer able to control themselves internally a school and especially from a TV show. She tried to hide everything, but in the end he couldn't do it anymore. Now her admirers cling to her tightly.

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