Mexican comedian Polo Polo has died at the age of.webp

Mexican comedian Polo Polo has died at the age of 78

Polo Polo had great fame in Mexican comedy (Photo: twitter: @Antoniosaiyajin)Polo Polo had great fame in Mexican comedy (Photo: twitter: @Antoniosaiyajin)

To the 78 years The death of the Mexican comedian was reported when he was of legal age polo polo, who rose to national fame thanks to his colorful jokes. After his retirement from the stage and other events in 2016 without any explanation, it wasn’t many years before rumors about his alleged Alzheimer’s disease began to surface, although the cause of his sensitive death is currently unknown.

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What Polo Polo, Mexican comedian, died of

Paul García, the comedian’s son, was responsible for sharing details about the last days of the also Mexican actor, who died at the age of 78

Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez Benítez was born on March 9, 1944 in León, Guanajuato. But from an early age, he showed a talent for one of the toughest jobs in the entertainment world: making others laugh.

After being encouraged to perform at local centers in his community, his special flair for music developed humor Specialized in Adult Themes, ambiguous and from opportunitiesHe began opening all sorts of doors in his state and later in the rest of Mexico.

Polo Polo began in show business, nightclubs and cabarets in the 1970s (Photo: Instagram)Polo Polo began in show business, nightclubs and cabarets in the 1970s (Photo: Instagram)

For this reason, the news broadcast on the afternoon of January 23rd has had a major impact on Mexican entertainment and the public, which has followed his controversial sense of humor for more than a decade because he is not only known as “first mexican standuperoHe also developed an important facet as an actor in films such as “Private detective… only for adulterers”, “The relaxed ones, Hart and even in the small house of sin” and “Zacarías’ Dairy”.

The Mexican comedian was remembered by various artists on social networks (collage/archive)

Chabelo, Víctor Trujillo, Franco Escamilla and other comedians reacted to Polo Polo’s death

The Mexican artist died at the age of 78 suffering from vascular dementia

About the sensitive death of Polo Polo, his son Paul garcia reported in an interview with Pati Chapoy, for Ventaneando, that died of natural causes around 5:15 am: “He stopped breathing… I can tell you that in his last days he was always supported by the family, all the time my sister was attentive to him and they fulfilled what he always wanted, viz Never enter an institutionthat we always take care of it; she did very well.”

The sensitive death of what has been dubbed the “master of Mexican double entender” has sparked nostalgia among lovers of his peculiar sense of humor, even among well-known comedy characters, for whom representatives of “old and new school” have expressed condolences on social media:

The comedian-turned-actor died aged 78 (Picture: File)

The triple tragedy that shaped the life of Polo Polo

The comedian, who died this Monday, January 23, at the age of 78, suffered a drama that marked his final years

“The king is dead, the world has become a less graceful place with less magic,” it read Franco Escamilla joined the viral news of the departure of Polo Polo, which he assured “no one will be able to match.”

“Nobody will ever be able to match the master Polo Polo RIP. A red Marlboro and a ‘Cognaquito’ for the health of the best of all time”.

Even the comedian’s death was lamented by some of his peers, whose satires tend to focus more on the political side, such as Victor Trujillowho thanked “the good moments” Polo Polo left behind for Mexican comedy.

“Rest in peace dear Polo Polo,” he wrote on his Twitter account minutes after the influencer’s message Chumel Torreswhere he conjured it up with titles of his most emblematic jokes.

The comedian died of natural causes (Picture: Instagram/@ventaneandouno)The comedian died of natural causes (Picture: Instagram/@ventaneandouno)

In the same way, fans have expressed their condolences on social networks, although opinions about the type of humor that made him famous nationally are still debated, as some of his subjects have been classified as homophobic to misogynistic.

“Undoubtedly great, although the concept is currently not divisible”. “A pioneer in everything he did, which many are currently repeating, although he is clearly careful not to make the mistakes for which he is being singled out in the new generations.” Thanks for being a fun bridge between me and my dad, although both aren’t here now,” netizens responded.


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