Mia Goth Accused in New Lawsuit of Kicking 39MaXXXine39 Background

Mia Goth Accused in New Lawsuit of Kicking 'MaXXXine' Background Actor in the Head

A background actor sued Mia Goth on Friday, claiming she intentionally kicked him in the head during a scene last April.

James Hunter claims he suffered a concussion after Goth kicked him during production of the A24 sequel MaXXXine. The film is the third in a trilogy of horror films directed by Ti West and starring Goth, following “X” and “Pearl”, both released in 2022.

In the lawsuit, Hunter states that he was hired for three days of work to play the role of the “dead community member.” On the first night of filming, he lay on the floor covered in fake blood for several hours, “enduring ants and mosquitoes.”

In the scene, Goth was supposed to run past him and sometimes step over him, look down and keep running.

The lawsuit alleges that Goth almost stepped on him on the fourth take. Hunter complained to the second assistant director and the concerns were escalated to Goth.

In the next shot, the lawsuit says, Goth intentionally kicked him in the head with her boot. After the scene ended, Hunter claims that he was in the bathroom when Goth came in and “mocked, ridiculed and belittled” him, daring him to do something about it.

Hunter felt a pain in his head. The fake blood had also dried on his robe, causing him pain when he took it off, according to the lawsuit.

On the drive home he felt dizzy and had to stop twice. The next day, the casting agency told him that production didn't want him back for the remaining two days, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit accuses Goth of personal injury and also includes a wrongful termination claim against A24, Goth and West.