Michael J Fox shares his share of personal drama

Michael J. Fox shares his share of personal drama – Le Journal de Montréal

In an interview with Variety magazine, actor Michael J. Fox made it clear: If he’s still alive, it’s thanks to his family.

“I’ve lost members of my family, I’ve lost my dog, I’ve lost my freedom, I’ve lost my health,” the 61-year-old comedian admits. I hesitate to use the term “depression” as I’m not qualified to diagnose it myself, but all the signs were there. »

Marty McFly’s interpreter – who was made aware of his illness in 1991 at the age of 29 – has long drowned his pain in alcohol. The moment the paparazzi forced him to publicly state that he had Parkinson’s disease was particularly painful for the rising star that he was.

The actor, who has been sober for more than 30 years, says he owes everything to his wife Tracy Pollan and their four children Sam, Esmé, Schuyler and Aquinnah.

He has since received Emmys, Golden Globes and an honorary Oscar for his dedication to Parkinson’s research.

Michael J. Fox shares his many personal dramas

eternal optimist

Michael J. Fox admits that if he does fall, it’s difficult to deal with the lack of privacy that comes with being constantly surrounded by assistants.

“I broke my shoulder and had it replaced. I broke my elbow and hand. I had an infection that nearly cost me this finger. i broke my face I broke this upper arm and it was zero,” the Back to the Future star said in an interview with Variety magazine.

He also underwent spinal surgery in 2018 to remove a tumor.

But the resilient Michael J. Fox describes himself as a perpetual optimist. “I’m always happy to live another day and be a part of things,” he says.

To people who might call him a hero, he replies, “It’s just a nice way for people to let me know that they’re moved by my acceptance and the way I’ve tried to make a difference. “ »

“But no matter how many times I sit here and talk to you about how I’ve accepted it philosophically (…), Parkinson’s continues to get on my nerves.” I’m not going to win this. I will loose. But there is much to be gained by being defeated. »

-The documentary film Tenacious: The Michael J. Fox Story was discontinued on the Apple TV platform today, Friday.