Michelle Hunziker how she prepares for the big live show

Michelle Hunziker, how she prepares for the big live show: The presenter's secret

Michelle Hunziker is ready to get back on the air with Michelle Impossible. The details about what she does before the live broadcast shock fans.

Michelle Hunziker will return to Canale Cinque on March 6th with her show Michelle Impossible. Just before he went to the television studios where his show will take place, he showed how he is preparing for the live broadcast.

Michelle Hunziker preparing for her show (IG Therealhunzigram) – Thewisemagazine.it

The Swiss presenter's routine surprised everyone, the beautiful Michelle wanted to show a cross-section of her everyday life and showed what she does at home before such an important event.

Michelle Hunziker, the background of her live show

The anticipation is great Remake of Michelle Impossible, which will be broadcast this Wednesday March 6th in prime time on the Canale Cinque. The Swiss presenter decided to show how she prepares for the live broadcast.

Michelle Hunziker, what she does before the live broadcast (IG Therealhunzigram) – Thewisemagazine.it

As you can see in the pictures Hunziker this morningbefore preparing to go to the television studios and organize the live broadcast, She was dedicated to her skin care routine. So she not only showed what she does at home before such an important appointment, but also how she manages to be so toned. The beautiful Swiss presenter makes compresses with mud and clay from her cosmetic brand that firm and drain.

The result is clearly surprising and As always, the presenter is in top form. At 46, she has nothing to envy about colleagues who are much younger than her, and this is also reflected in her ability on stage. For the Michelle Impossible show we can say that she spares absolutely no effort, between dancing, singing and skits, the presenter is a real hurricane.

For There will be many surprise guests this eveningFrom Lorella Cuccarini to Andrea Bocelli, Michelle will hit the mark again this time. “Michelle Impossible” achieved very high ratings last year and Mediaset did not hesitate to confirm the show again for this television season. After all, Michelle Hunziker is one of the workhorses of the Biscione company and has always won over the audience with her friendliness and energy.

The Swiss presenter is currently experiencing a golden moment; from a professional perspective, it is an amazing achievement for her to have her own program. Added to this is the new found love on the side Alessandro Carollocharming Roman osteopath tonight I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for her.