Michelle Renaud confirms she is pregnant with Matias Novoa first

Michelle Renaud confirms she is pregnant with Matías Novoa: first photo of her “baby bump”

Rumors about her pregnancy were just fueled by some pictures of her at the wedding ceremony, as some noticed that her belly looked pregnant.

After weeks of speculation, the actress finally announced that she is becoming a mother for the second time.

The first official photo of Michelle Renaud pregnant

The 35-year-old artist took to Instagram to announce the news this Sunday, January 28th.

“'Love love). In love with these two“she wrote in the publication, in which her pregnant belly appears for the first time in the foreground and her husband in the background.

Michelle Renaud confirmed that she is pregnant with Matías Novoa with this photo.

Photo credit: Michelle Renaud/Instagram

This is one of two photos the actress took on the beach, the location she chose for the official announcement. She did not provide any further information about the pregnancy or how many weeks she had been in this state.

It was only on January 21 last year that she was approached by the press at the Mexico City airport She avoided talking about her alleged pregnancy and he had a controversial deal with reporters who insisted on asking him about it.

Michelle Renaud did not provide any further information about her pregnancy or how many weeks she would remain in this state.

Photo credit: Michelle Renaud/Instagram

On January 14, when he went on a trip with Matías Novoa, he was more approachable, but he neither denied nor confirmed the pregnancy: “Oh, now.” We can't get colitis because they use twins.“He told media like: Wake up, America.

Some speculated that the actress allegedly didn't want to make her pregnancy public because she had reportedly sold it exclusively to a magazine, just like she did with her wedding.

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