Michelle Yeoh celebrates birth of grandchild on New Year39s Day

Michelle Yeoh celebrates birth of grandchild on New Year's Day: 'A little miracle'

Michelle Yeoh celebrates birth of grandchild on New Year39s Dayplay

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Michelle Yeoh rings in the New Year as a happy grandma.

The Oscar-winning actress announced in an Instagram post on Tuesday that she and husband Jean Todt welcomed a grandchild on New Year's Day. Yeoh posted a candid photo of her hand holding a baby's foot.

“A little miracle on the first day of 2024 ❤️✨ we are truly blessed,” Yeoh captioned the post. “I can’t express how happy I am with this very special bundle of joy ❤️✨”

In a follow-up post, Yeoh posed with Todt for a sweet shoutout to Todt's son Nicolas and his partner. Yeoh also shared the name of her new grandchild.

“Thank you darling Nicolas and Darina for making us the happiest and proudest grandparents!!!” Yeoh wrote. “Welcome baby Maxime ❤️💖✨❤️💖✨”

Yeoh also gave fans a glimpse of her visit with baby Maxime, sharing a photo of herself with Todt and Nicolas in what appeared to be a hospital. In another photo, Yeoh is seen holding Maxime, who was wearing a cream hat.

“Love, love, love ❤️🥰❤️🥰✨✨,” Yeoh wrote.

Yeoh's latest addition to the family follows a successful 2023 for the actress. In March, Yeoh won an Oscar for her role in the action comedy “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” becoming the first Asian woman – and only the second person of color behind Halle Berry (2001's “Monster's Ball”) – to win the Oscar best award received actress in the history of the award ceremony.

And in July, Yeoh celebrated a personal victory when she married her longtime fiancé Todt. Yeoh and the former Ferrari CEO first got engaged in July 2004.

The 61-year-old actress won praise for denouncing ageism in her Oscar speech, saying: “Ladies, don't let anyone tell you that you're ever past your prime.”

“Anytime you talk to an older actress, they'll tell you: As your numbers go up, the roles get smaller,” Yeoh told USA TODAY in May. “You can say, ‘Okay, this is it. It's time to call it a day.' But fortunately I was never that kind of person. I'm having too much fun. This is a passion and I do it for no other reason than that.”

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