1684010353 Miley Cyrus sends a message to her ex in a

Miley Cyrus sends a message to her ex in a swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination – Billie

With a scathing phrase, the singer sends an arrow to her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. In a very low-cut swimsuit that flatters her silhouette, Miley Cyrus is more provocative than ever!

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Although the song Flowers has been heard over a billion times on music platforms, Miley didn’t just have this “hit” in her pocket. In fact, Jaded’s reception was a bombshell for his fans too.

Among those strong words, we find the phrase, “You broke your heart, but you’ll never say it.” She took the opportunity to write those cutting words under a recent Instagram post.

More provocative than ever in an ultra-tight swimsuit that flatters her figure perfectly, she fires that dart at her former relationship, her ex Liam Hemsworth.

In a chartreuse one-piece swimsuit, the singer embodies the superstar she is. In a pretty sexy pose, we can see the neckline at the bottom of the leotard, leaving little room for imagination.

To complete her metallic look, she joins another trend adopted by all stars: Y2K style glasses. In the delicacy of detail, they are also the same color as her swimsuit.

This shot, worthy of an album cover with its heavenly backdrop, shows Miley Cyrus thriving in her freedom.

Miley and Liam fell in love while filming The Last Song in 2009. After ten years of a difficult relationship, they married in an intimate ceremony before divorcing eight months later.

Miley Cyrus sends a message to her ex in a


Since then, the young woman seems to be stronger and does not need anyone but herself to be happy in her life.

So this beachy look doesn’t detract from the very assumed character of Miley Cyrus!

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