Millionaire at 18 Young woman plays the lottery for fun

Millionaire at 18: Young woman plays the lottery for fun and wins BOLADA Edict Concursos Brasil

How many times have you played the lottery, having high hopes that you would win, but soon becoming frustrated with the result? Do not be discouraged as this is the reality of the overwhelming majority of people. However, the situation was very different with an 18yearold girl who decided to play for fun and won a jackpot.

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18yearold wins millions in the lottery for fun

The case took place in Canada, where an 18yearold teenager was encouraged to play the lottery by her grandfather. She decided to play along and bet. What I didn’t expect was that I would hit the jackpot and win 48 million Canadian dollars, which is almost R$ 185 million.

“While there have been other 18yearold winners in Canada in recent years, none have won a jackpot as large as Juliette,” the Ontario Lottery and Gaming said in a recent statement. The company is the administrator of the lottery in which the girl participated.

Bought ticket just for fun

The lucky 18yearold’s name is Juliette Lamour, and she told Canadian newspaper Global News that she only plays the lottery for fun. “When I went to the store, I didn’t know exactly what to order because I had never bought a ticket before. I called my dad who told me to buy a Lotto 649 quick pick,” the 18yearold said.

She had no idea she’d won the award until colleagues started talking about the location of the award. As soon as she scanned the ticket, the young woman saw the price and said that everyone started to celebrate.

Now that she’s a millionaire, the girl plans to travel and graduate from college with a slice of the lottery win that made her incredibly lucky on her first bet of her life when she was just 18.