Mingau from Ultraje a Rigor opens his eyes after sedation

Mingau, from Ultraje a Rigor, opens his eyes after sedation is removed .com

Rinaldo Oliveira Amaral, Mingau do Ultraje a Rigor, was admitted to the intensive care unit (intensive care unit) and opened his eyes after discontinuation of sedation. The information was published by the hospital in a new medical bulletin this Wednesday (20).

Doctors also reported that the musician is currently “weaning” himself off mechanical ventilation and his condition is considered stable.

Porga was removed from sedation on the 17th and was expected to wake up.

The musician was shot dead earlier this month in the city of Paraty on Rio de Janeiro’s southern coast. According to the delegate in charge of the case, he was in an area known for the buying and selling of drugs and where organized crime is prevalent.

The suspect who shot the musician has already been arrested, but the police did not release any further information about the case in order not to jeopardize the investigation.

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After the incident, the Ultraje a Rigor bassist was admitted to a public hospital in Paraty and then taken to São Paulo by helicopter with a mobile intensive care unit. In the capital São Paulo, the musician underwent head surgery and other procedures.

Read the newsletter in full:

“The São Luiz do Itaim Hospital of Rede D’Or informs that the patient Rinaldo Amaral (“Mingau”) remains in the intensive care unit in the hospital after waking up this Wednesday (20/9) with his eyes open.
The patient is without sedation and is in the process of being weaned from mechanical ventilation.
The condition is considered stable.”

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