Montreal North mobilizes for a bike path –

Montreal North mobilizes for a bike path –

On Saturday morning, more than fifty people took part in a 12-kilometer march on foot in the streets of the Montréal-Nord district. Citizens want a bike lane.

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They particularly regret that Montreal North is the only borough without a new bike lane construction in 42 years.

Jean-François Gagné, spokesman for the Montreal North Mobility Association, addressed the city and district elected officials with a clear message: “We want bike lanes so that our children can go to school safely.”

He also underlines the possible implementation of several projects “such as the Rêver Gouin project: we want to transform Boulevard Gouin so that it becomes a pleasant residential environment and not a thoroughfare”.

“In downtown and in North Montreal, our elected officials promised us bike lanes, now we’re here to make sure they get built; The last three projects have been canceled,” he said.

The event was attended by the district’s Deputy Mayor, Abdelhaq Sari, accompanied by city councilors and the MP for Québec Solidaire.

The departure was at around 10:30 a.m. from the Aimé Léonard Park.