1676619494 More money for childrens cinema

More money for children’s cinema

The producers are asking the Legault government for an annual and recurring grant of $12 million for the specific purpose of screening at least four Quebec children’s films each year to counterbalance American animation.

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According to the Quebec Association of Media Production (AQPM), more Quebec heroes should get their hands on The Snow Queen, Shrek and the Minions in Quebec theaters.

Granting $12 million to SODEC, the organization responsible for distributing the funds to film producers, for the children’s cinema would make it possible “to ensure that a Quebec film is shown on the cinema screens every season “. The association announced this in a letter sent to the Ministry of Finance as part of the 2023-24 pre-budget consultations.

In addition, this sum would be “an alternative to Disney and Pixar productions and an adequate school excursion offer for students and their teachers,” according to the AQPM.

“Great Year”

In September, Quebecers can see The Legend of the Butterfly.

Photo courtesy of Carpe Diem Film&TV

In September, Quebecers can see The Legend of the Butterfly.

In 2023, an extraordinary number of three Quebec-made animated films will see the light of day, namely Katak the Brave Beluga (February 24), Toopy and Binoo, the film (August 11) and The Legend of the Butterfly (February 22). September). ).

A scene from the family film Coco Ferme.

Photo provided by Laurence Grandbois Bernard

A scene from the family film Coco Ferme.

In addition, the film Coco Ferme, which was shot with real actors and is also aimed at a family clientele, will be released next Friday.

More money for childrens cinema

Nancy Florence Savard

All of this is a direct result of a one-time grant of $6 million made available by the government just before the pandemic hit in 2020 for the development and production of animated films and series, says producer of Katak the Brave Beluga, Nancy Florence Savard.

She wants the financial support to be repeated.

“This is a great year for animated cinema in Quebec. Venue owners keep complaining. They want at least one children’s film every quarter. […] We want it to continue and we want to be able to offer our children our local culture. »


In addition to the interest of the local market, producers of animated films see arguments on the side of international influence.

For example, La guerre des tuques 3D has been sold in more than 200 countries and has won eight awards at 22 festival performances since its launch in 2015, reports the AQPM.

Félix and the Treasure of Morgea was released in 2021 and has been seen in over 170 areas. “We just won Best Animated Film in India a few weeks ago. We’re still doing festivals two years after the release,” says producer Nancy Florence Savard.