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More than 180 men called up to try to flee the border

On the Georgian border, 180 recruits received their enlistment notice directly.

According to its own statements, Russia has already prevented more than 180 recruits trying to flee from being called up for military service on the border with neighboring Georgia. The Interfax agency reported on Sunday, citing the military commissariat of the Russian region of North Ossetia, which borders the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, that they received a draft directly at the Verkhni Lars border crossing.

The partial mobilization ordered by Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin about ten days ago triggered a veritable mass exodus from Russia. Tens of thousands of men fled not only to Georgia in the South Caucasus, but also to the former Soviet Central Asian states of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

In view of the influx of refugees, the North Ossetia region imposed transit restrictions last week. In addition, it had already been announced that men of military age should be inspected more intensively at the border.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said recruits would have to undergo training in the “back areas” of the combat zone. Previously, it had been said that newly recruited men would initially be deployed in the immediate vicinity, but not in the war zone itself.