More than 25000 visitors in France for the Quebec psychological

More than 25,000 visitors in France for the Quebec psychological thriller “The Red Rooms”

Quebec film The red rooms got off to a good start on French screens. Three weeks after its theatrical release in France, director Pascal Plante's psychological thriller has already recorded more than 25,000 cinemagoers.

The feature film, which is still being shown in around sixty cinemas in France, also received good reviews in the French press.

The newspaper Le Parisien described “The Red Rooms” as a “very successful but exhausting” thriller, while the specialist site L'Écranfantastique called it a “masterful work from which it is difficult to emerge unscathed”.

Released last summer in Quebec, “The Red Rooms” follows two young women (Juliette Gariépy and Laurie Babin) who obsessively follow the highly publicized trial of a serial killer.

Pascal Plante's third feature (Lesfalse Tatouages, Nadia, Butterfly) won two Iris Awards at the Gala Québec Cinéma last year and five awards at the Fantasia Festival, including Best Film.

The Red Rooms is currently available on video-on-demand.