More than 26,400 Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza have risen to over 26,400

Recent figures released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza suggest that this will be the case by this Sunday A total of 26,422 Palestinians have lost their lives as a result of Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7th..

Since the beginning of the Zionist Army's offensive against the Gaza Strip The number of injured was 65,087, which is also due to the increase in massacres – 19 in total – in the last 24 hoursin which 165 Palestinians died and another 290 were injured.

The new report comes as invading forces continue their attacks on Khan Younis, a city that has become the epicenter of Israel's offensive in Gaza.

Sources assure that the Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, the main health facility in the entire south of the enclave, is on the verge of closure. Medical authorities have warned that blood reserves are running low, there is only enough fuel left to run generators for four days and that water tanks have been damaged by shrapnel from Israeli attacks, leading to water shortages and leaks in the building.

Also under military siege is Al-Amal Hospital, run by the Palestinian Red Crescent, where surgical procedures cannot be carried out due to a lack of oxygen pumps.

Occupation forces are increasing their military presence in Qabatiya in the West Bank

Israeli patrols besiege Palestinian neighborhoods in the West Bank. Photo: Al Mayadeen.

Since the early hours of this Sunday, Israeli Army forces also conducted raids in various cities and towns in the West Bank. The occupiers, accompanied by Israeli drones, entered several areas of the city of Qabatiya south of Jenin.

On his part Resistance fighters threw explosive devices at Zionist military transports. In response, the military increased its military presence in and around Qabatiya, stationing snipers on the roofs of townhouses and in higher areas.

Various areas of Jenin, Nablus and Ramallah were the scene of violent raids by Israeli special forces against residents, using live bullets and tear gas. Palestinian medical sources reported that two people were injured in the clashes.

(With information from agencies)