More than 30 thousand dead UN denounces carnage in the

More than 30 thousand dead: UN denounces “carnage” in the Gaza Strip

Türk cited the death toll at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva and said tens of thousands of people were also missing and likely buried under the rubble of their homes. Hamas' figures cannot be independently verified.

However, the United Nations and other observers point out that the authority's figures have proven to be globally credible in the past. Information provided by the Hamas health authority does not distinguish between civilians and armed members of terrorist organizations. When questioned, the Israeli army said it had killed around “10,000 terrorists”.

“Massacre” during aid delivery

According to Hamas, another deadly incident occurred on Thursday: at least 50 people were killed during an Israeli military operation in Gaza City as they ran towards trucks carrying humanitarian aid. A spokesperson for the health authority estimated the number of deaths at more than 100 and spoke of a massacre.

A witness told AFP that the violence occurred at a roundabout in the west of the city, as thousands of people ran towards the trucks. “The trucks full of aid came very close to some army tanks that were nearby and the crowd, thousands of people, just ran towards the trucks,” said the witness.

The Israeli army said it was “reviewing” reports of the incident. Several Israeli media reported, citing army sources, that, for an unspecified reason, part of the crowd approached the soldiers who were coordinating the import of the trucks, thus putting them in danger. The military, therefore, opened fire on the group.

Turkish Volker

APA/AFP/Fabrice Coffrini Türk makes urgent appeals to both sides

In his speech, Türk once again condemned the trigger for the Israeli military offensive: the massacres perpetrated by Palestinian extremists in Israel on October 7 and the abduction of civilians as hostages in the Gaza Strip. But he also condemned “the brutality of the Israeli response.” “The war in Gaza must end,” Türk demanded.

“Time for peace, education and accountability”

“All parties committed clear violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, including war crimes and potentially other crimes under international law. The time has come – long overdue – for peace, enlightenment and accountability,” said the Austrian-born lawyer.

Israel used thousands of tons of munitions on densely populated residential areas in the Gaza Strip. These include weapons that cause widespread damage, Türk said. These weapons produce a shock wave that can rupture human organs and cause severe burns.

“Indiscriminate or disproportionate” attacks

“Over the past five months of war, the Office has recorded numerous incidents that indicate war crimes committed by the Israeli armed forces, as well as indications that the Israeli armed forces attacked indiscriminately or disproportionately, in violation of international humanitarian law,” Türk said. Blocking the delivery of aid and therefore using starvation as a method of warfare could, if carried out knowingly, potentially constitute war crimes.

Israeli Ambassador Meirav Eilon Shahar defended Israel's actions. His country is at war against a terrorist organization. Hamas created the battlefield in Gaza. Because the fighters were hiding behind civilians, Israel had no choice but to attack there. Israel is doing everything it can to comply with international humanitarian law, for example by warning the population about air strikes.

Palestinian Ambassador Ibrahim Khuraish responded that children and women queuing desperately to get something to eat were being bombarded. He accused Israel of genocide. He condemned the October 7 attacks. But the era did not begin that day; Israel has oppressed Palestinians for decades.