More than a year after their breakup Andrea Legarreta does

More than a year after their breakup, Andrea Legarreta does not plan to return to Erik Rubín: “Life surprises us”

A little over a year ago, the moderator of the “Hoy program”, Andrea Legarreta and former member of “Timbiriche”, Eric Rubinsurprised the entire entertainment industry when she announced her separation after more than 20 years of marriage, during which they gave birth to their two daughters Mía and Nina Rubin.

In a recent interview with various entertainment media, the Televisa presenter spoke about her romantic relationship Eric Rubin. The theater actress's statements also caused a huge uproar among showbiz fans.

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Andrea Legarreta talks about her relationship with Erik Rubin

At the presentation of the new season of the play “Vaselina”, Andrea Legarreta was asked about her separation and her current relationship Eric Rubin. Without holding anything back, the renowned Televisa presenter explained how her life is going after her surprising decision.

In this sense, the star of the “Hoy” show said that life often surprises with second chances, which is why he does not close his eyes to this event. However, he emphasized that he was not currently thinking about giving himself a new chance.

“In the end, life surprises us, it surprised us with the separation of our couple. Could it happen? Maybe this will be considered today? No,” he said.

Finally, Andrea Legarreta pointed out that there is a nice story between her and Erik Rubin. He recalled that their separation was amicable and therefore there was no “hatred”. He assured that they still love each other but from a different place.

“There is a beautiful story, there is a good relationship, we don't hate each other, there is love from the other side,” he admitted.