Morgan apologizes for the homophobic sentence I will donate half

Morgan and the homophobic sentence: “Half the XFactor fee goes to children who are discriminated against because they are gay”

The singer returns to the controversy that arose from the phrases at the Selinunte concert

After the controversy that arose from some phrases (“fr…o di ma…a”) said at an event in Selinunte (Trapani) as part of the beauty festival, Morgan decided to give up half of his X seal of approval donate “A reception center for children who are rejected by their families of origin because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or because they have taken a transition path.” He did all this with a social media post on his Instagram account: “In the last few “For days I wanted to reconstruct what happened, but I definitely don’t want to hide or justify myself and I want to emphasize once again how wrong what I said is,” Morgan wrote, not hiding that he had made a mistake and repeating his apology: “I want my apology to be sincere, heartfelt and clear and to reach everyone because I know that I have hurt many people and I also extend it to my colleagues at X Factor.” to the entire team, that is working on it. The sentence I said is the furthest thing from my identity as a human being, I want to repeat it. Everyone knows I’m not a homophobe, but that’s not enough, it doesn’t excuse it, it doesn’t justify it.

“Change vocabulary”

And he continued: “In fact, it is not enough to say that racist, homophobic or sexist language is used carelessly, far beyond genuine beliefs and intentions.” We must change this culture and vocabulary that is unconsciously present in the language of many and , to my surprise and displeasure, unfortunately also consist of my own. I am happy to tolerate the public stigmatization of what is happening and accept the pillorying if it can at least partially change something. I made a mistake for which I apologized, but which, mind you, I don’t want to erase: on the contrary, I want to make a concrete gesture that does not make it disappear, but transforms it into something positive and useful.” This becomes one concrete gesture, namely the donation of part of the fee he will receive as a judge for musical talent: “I have asked Fremantle and Sky to donate half of my X Factor seal of approval to a home for children rejected by their families of origin because of their sexual orientation, their gender identity or because they have begun a transition process. I’ve been thinking about the importance of welcoming and I want this concept to apply to those who make mistakes like me.

September 1, 2023 (modified September 1, 2023 | 4:01 p.m.)