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Moscow calls the US a “great provocateur” of conflicts

Russia accuses the US of being a “great provocateur” of international tensions. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov justified this accusation with statements by US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. The top diplomat said the US believed Crimea should be demilitarized and that his country supported Ukrainian attacks on military targets on the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014. Peskov accused Nuland of aggressive behavior towards Moscow.

“Nuland belongs to a very wide field of the most aggressive ‘hawks’ in American politics. This is a point of view we know well,” Peskov said in a commentary published by the TASS news agency.

“Attempt to demonize Russia”

Russia’s ambassador to Washington also accused the United States of using its own actions to fuel the war in Ukraine, which he described as a crisis. Anatoly Antonov referred to the statement by US Vice President Kamala Harris, who accused Russia of crimes against humanity in the Ukraine war.

“We regard such allegations as an unprecedented attempt to demonize Russia as part of the hybrid war unleashed against us,” the ambassador was quoted as saying by TASS. There is no doubt that the purpose of such attacks by Washington is to justify its own actions to stoke the crisis in Ukraine.