Motherinlaw hires people to sprinkle red paint on bride39s dress

Motherinlaw hires people to sprinkle red paint on bride's dress just before ceremony; Know the result

A bride's special day was ruined by her own motherinlaw in Mexico. The groom's mother hired three people to sprinkle red paint on her daughterinlaw's dress outside the church a few minutes before she entered the ceremony, which took place on February 18.

The case gained attention after a publication on X (formerly Twitter) revealed the motherinlaw's attitude. The bride, identified only by her name Alexandra, was about to enter the Nuestra Señora del Rosário church with her father when she was surprised by three men who threw paint cans over her body. Without knowing what it was, the woman thought she had been hit by water and only realized she was covered in red paint when she looked at the guests.

Alexandra was hit just before entering the church. (Photo: Reproduction/X)

At first, the guests thought that the red color might be blood, which caused a panicked reaction among those present. Despite her shock from the attack, Alexandra did not interrupt the ceremony. She exchanged her dirty clothes for a golden dress and continued with the wedding.

After the attack, the bride finally got married in a gold dress. (Photo: Reproduction/X)

According to the publication, the groom came from a wealthy family in the area and the mother would have been suspicious of the young woman's intentions. The motherinlaw even admitted herself to the hospital and said she suffered a heart attack when she found out about the wedding date. The groom's family was not present at the wedding.

Drug charges and attempted passport theft

Determined to stop the wedding, the motherinlaw also filed an anonymous report of drug possession at the wedding venue. The police interrupted the photo session of the bride and groom with the witnesses to search the guests present. However, nothing was found.

The groom's mother even tried one last time to ruin the couple's day. She is said to have tried to steal her son's wife's passport to prevent her honeymoon. However, the “mission” was a failure. Despite incessant attempts to prevent the wedding, the wedding ceremony was able to take place and the bride and groom remained together. Check out the publication that tells the whole story:

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I open here to deny the story behind what happened and tell the truth, a TERRORIST ATTACK4 horror film against a new girl on her wedding day, on CD. Obregón on February 17, 24. Deputy photos and think about the names of the culprits!

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