1684036015 Mouse The Cuphead style FPS is revealed with gameplay

Mouse: The Cuphead-style FPS is revealed with gameplay – Xboxygen

We’ve lost count of the number of times independent studios have managed to offer us quality video games, often preferred over AAA games by a certain number of players: Shovel Knight, Celeste or Hollow Knight are just a few examples among which we maybe Mouse can be added soon.

A retro cartoon style game with the most beautiful effect

Mouse The Cuphead style FPS is revealed with gameplay

We’ll have to be patient, but the few images available already lead us to believe that the game will find its audience. Developed by the Fumi Games studio, Mouse is presented as an FPS that lets the player evolve in the character of private detective John Mouston in a dangerous and corrupt city where deceit and murder mix.

Its black-and-white artistic direction, inspired by 1930s cartoons, is reminiscent of a certain Cuphead produced by studio MDHR in 2017, whom everyone today recognizes as a largely deserved success.

Mouse’s gameplay picks up on the concept of Doom: advance and shoot anything that moves, thanks to a wide variety of weapons and explosives that will fill your arsenal throughout your adventure.

With the revolver, the tommy gun, the hammer, the carcano or even the dynamite, you can face your enemies in the way that seems best to you. Whether you prefer to run and shoot, jump and dodge, or plan your attacks carefully, the mouse gives you the flexibility to approach combat your way.

Of course, your weapons and personal skills will benefit from an upgrade system (Fantastic-o-Matic). To access them, head to one of the many vending machines scattered around town and choose the bonuses that best suit your playstyle.

With no release date yet, Mouse is still expected for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.