Munich Kamala Harris accuses Putin and warns China Dont help

Munich, Kamala Harris accuses Putin and warns China: “Don’t help him”

For Wang Yi, the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign policy plenipotentiary, the wait was over (or almost). But it was Kamala Harris who made her mark at the Munich security conference by first accusing Russia of “committing crimes against humanity,” and then harshly warning China: If you help Moscow, there will be more and more dead in the country give Ukraine.

Today, Saturday, February 18, Wang Yi, one of Xi Jinping’s closest associates, appeared on stage with what appeared to be a reassuring message: “As for Ukraine, we support the need to hold peace talks. We have to give peace a chance.” The head of Beijing’s diplomacy did not go any further. No one understood whether Xi Jinping would take a concrete initiative or whether, as in this war year, he would limit himself to inviting “those involved” to talks. Perhaps we will know more on February 24th, when the Chinese leader will deliver “a speech for peace” as announced.

European governments, starting with Italy’s, are putting pressure on Wang Yi, who, after being in Paris and Rome, among others, will complete his mission in Moscow. Another important step is scheduled for that day: Xi Jinping’s envoy will visit US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. It would be the first summit contact between the two superpowers after the “balloon crisis”. Wang Yi called the American reaction “absurd and hysterical”. The US Air Force shot down a Chinese balloon suspected of being a spy and three other harmless balloons.

The diplomatic work therefore moves under strong mutual distrust. The White House doesn’t think the Chinese can really convince Putin to back down. In fact, Kamala Harris affirmed on the conference stage and in front of the delegation that had traveled from Beijing: “Since the outbreak of the war, China has deepened its relations with Russia. Any Chinese initiative to lethally support Russia will lead to more deaths and destabilize the world order based on respect for the law.

In other words, be careful because you will be Putin’s accomplice. Harris repeated the allegations against Putin’s army: “There is irrefutable evidence that the Russians committed crimes against humanity, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the material perpetrators and their superiors are brought to justice in Ukrainian courts and in international forums.” ”