Municipal day camp will cost 163 more in this city

Municipal day camp will cost 163% more in this city this year

Parents in the community of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval near Quebec City were quite surprised when they saw how much a week of day camp for their child would cost this summer.

While in 2023 you still had to pay $95 per week for day camp including childcare, the price is now $250.

Many parents expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks, especially on Facebook pages where community residents come together.

The city explains that in recent years it has funded some of the costs associated with the day camp, but decided to stop doing so in 2024 to avoid a significant increase in municipal taxes, which are already up compared to 2023 almost 7% increase.

This year's increase in local taxes would have been almost 10% if it had continued to fund day camps.

“It was a difficult decision for us, but at some point we have to move on and make sure that everyone there is happy,” explains the mayor of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, France Fortier. I understand that small families are affected, but we have made the decision and are taking it very well.”

However, the city continues to make some of its facilities available free of charge for day camps and notes that support is offered to families in financial difficulty or with low income.

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