Musk visits a kibbutz on October 7th With Israels consent

Musk visits a kibbutz on October 7th: “With Israel’s consent, I offer Starlink for Internet in Gaza”

From our correspondent
TEL AVIV – They walk together through the rain that drenches the destroyed houses of Kfar Aza, the ashes long gone, the pain of the residents, those who have lost a loved one or those who know their loved one is missing It remains warm in Gaza.

Elon Musk arrives in Israel, meets Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the actual summit will be virtual with a live broadcast of the conflict on his platform, which will help hospitals in Israel and the Red Cross in Gaza.

It becomes a paradox. Since these revenues come from the explosion of disinformation precisely linked to the clash with Hamas, they grow with the increase in senseless controversies, with the denial of the massacres carried out by Palestinian terrorists on October 7 and with the offering of a megaphone to the Israeli one Propaganda.

Once again, the founder of Tesla, who is at the forefront of electric car production, does not seem to want to address the problems: he himself is accused of reviving anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and then he writes from his report that the term “decolonization “out of the question” – in the sense of the disappearance of the Israeli state – is censored in order to also help jihadist commanders to communicate.

Therefore, Musk’s network is only deployed in agreement with the Israeli government, which can determine which areas of the Gaza Strip to cover. The billionaire of South African origin agreed to help rebuild the 363 square kilometers destroyed by the bombings.