My mother and grandmother were prostitutes I suffered a lot

“My mother and grandmother were prostitutes, I suffered a lot of violence”

by Redazione Spettacoli

The former winner strips from Francesca Fagnani and reveals particular shocks

Those by Floriana Secondi, already winner of Big Brother 3, on Francesca Fagnani’s “Belve” are painful revelations. Here is the anticipation of what will be broadcast on Thursday evening: “My mother and grandmother were prostitutes, I suffered violence, many blows and even extinguished cigarettes on my body, I still have clear marks on me”.

The previous statements

Floriana Secondi had already traced her difficult story from Barbara D’Urso. about her mother’s drug addiction and the orphanage she grew up in. They hadn’t seen each other with their mother for years, until the show’s reporters reached out to reveal horrific things: “Floriana doesn’t really want to see me. Intercom does not need anything, everyone knows that I live here. And then one thing: you are not Monica Bellucci that you are portraying. Then stop saying I broke your nose, nature made your nose like a potato. Floriana doesn’t go on television for me, but for her, for the viewers. But he should go and dig the earth since he has never worked in his life.

November 3, 2022 (change November 3, 2022 | 17:23)