Mysteriously missing for 18 years the man lived peacefully in

Mysteriously missing for 18 years, the man lived peacefully in Switzerland: A banal check triggers a passport

A solved cold case. A German who had been believed to be dead since 2004 was finally found by chance in Switzerland.

He had mysteriously disappeared and had given no sign of life to anyone.

one 56-year-old German who moved to Spain with his wife In order to open a car dealership, he had to go to Munich on a business trip, as Sudkurier reports.

it was in 2004 and he never arrived at his destination and mysteriously disappeared.

End of the route in a hotel on the Swiss border

His very concerned wife explains his disappearance. she is considered to be of concern and the Spanish police went in search of him.

Investigators were able to track him down to a hotel. the “Bilger-Eck” in Constance on Reichenaustrasse, on the Swiss borderbut then no sign of the man.

The indices listed at that time have privileges the death of man indication of where he had gone Suicide or that he was the victim ofa crime violent. But for the police, the man was dead.

Since his body was never found, the cold case was not solved.

A random one

Until the police of the Swiss canton of Schwyz met him by chance. In Carrying out a check, the identity of the German got discovered. It was specified that this man had disappeared and was wanted in Spain.

However, since the Spanish police had not reported the disappearance to the German police, it was necessary to join the two police forces to reopen the investigation.

The Swiss police then managed to find the missing person, who had actually been living peacefully there for years.

The cold case has finally been resolved.

He doesn’t want to see his wife again

And besides, the man wants to stay put and not return to his previous life. He even stated that he didn’t want to see his wife anymore.

On the other hand, great sir, he authorized to warn the police his wife that he was still alive. Which is not an obligation as it is a private decision and is of legal age.

No lawsuit against him

Moreover, the judiciary cannot prosecute the man for disappearance, even if investigators mobilize to find him.

Since it is a private matter, it is a personal choice. You have the right to change your life overnight and legally leave your old life behind.